Warren Buffet Quotes

The SMARTEST Warren Buffet Quotes

I woke up this morning thinking about one of Warren Buffet’s quotes. You know how you just kind of lie there thinking about your daily plan (if you don’t have one maybe you should get out and start discovering things and living life!).

Hey there people, it’s Colin Burnett with you again today.

Anyway I was lying there on my bed looking up at the ceiling with a million thoughts going through my head.

Then this quote from W Buffet shot into my head and stayed there for a while…

‘I always knew I would be rich, I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.’ Warren Buffet.

I find it amazing how some people just get focused at a young age.

Look at this picture of a young Warren Buffet, don’t you think he already had the world figured out?!

Warren Buffet Quotes

For me, Warren Buffet is an investing god. He is the closest thing to an ultimate investor that I know. As wilt ha lot of rich people, I study what they are good at and not their whole lives. I don’t know the man personally and don’t really know what he’s like but I know he is good at investing.

A lot of people say that they would give anything just to spend a bit of time with someone like the oracle of Omaha. The truth though I think is that most people, the MAJOR chunk of people just simply aren’t ready to learn. Their mindset and ears aren’t open and therefore they don’t learn.

Obviously Buffet wasn’t born knowing everything, or anything much for that matter. Sure he may have the right temperament (have you read ‘Warren Buffet invests like a girl’?) but everything else he has are learnt skills.

I keep saying it over and over again…

‘Good business is about learning off and modeling off other successful people!’

I always say that because I learned that, I was very bad at it. I always thought I could re-invent the week …….lol. How stupid of me….I mean come on!

Well-known Warren Buffet Quotes


Have you used any of these quotes in your life so far?

Do they make sense?

Do you agree with them?

Warren Buffett isn’t the only investor that gives you great value from their wisdom. There are many more but he is a great one.

The stock market is littered with success stories from Many great investors like Buffett and Schwab. It is cool how successful people hang around each other and really push each other to new heights. Bill  Gates is another person who is very wise like W Buffett.

Could you imagine becoming a billionaire? Imagine living the life of these high profile people.

If you want to be more successful in life, stretch your mind and imagine the impossible first and you will naturally startworking towards that. What you achieve will be surprising!!

So anyway I guess you are looking for some more W Buffet quotes right?

I have put a few together here.

Warren Buffet Quotes

Warren Buffet Quotes


Warren Buffet’s Life

This blog post here will give you a thorough review on WB’s life.

He is an amazing individual who had achieved the unbelievable in the stock market. A man who loves to stay away from the hustle and bustle and speculation on Wall Street, Buffett is solid.

Sure he makes mistakes but few leading to him being worshiped by many.

His life story is a great one for anyone interestedin stocks,

Questions to ask yourself…

If life, people who take consistent action and ‘stick with things’ normally have the most success. The same goes for uncle Warren. He was just always so passionate about business and investing and has devoted his whole life to making money basically.

He is the typical entrepreneur where the sky is the limit for what he can achieve…

Have you found your passion in life?

Have you  consistently done something for the last year or two?

Have you continued to learn and seen results from your consistency?

If you find yourself bored by reading these questions, you might need to find your passion or have found it but don’t realise it. My blog is typically for those people who think there is ‘something missing’ in their lives. I mean you might just want to make more money to support your family as well which is totally ok.

Just use my training and get started now. Click here for a starting point and I will send you some emails about the business.

Getting started on the path to success

Some people are lucky in that their life path was always clear. They have now questions. I wasn’t that lucky. It took me a long time to find my passion and once I found it, I started helping people find theirs as well.

In 2014, if you only do one thing, I hope it is finding your passion in life and taking action to get the ball rolling.

I hope you are taking some of this advice in mate! I mean if you are ready all of this will just click into place.

Buffet isn’t just saying those things if the sake of saying it lol! I mean he uses those principles to live his life by.

it really is a matter of opening your mind and getting this stuff into your head!

So that’s it for me for today, coming to you from the Outback in Queensland Australia.

Enjoy and more importantly LEARN from the Warren Buffet quotes!



‘Here to help YOU succeed!’


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