Successful Social Media Campaigns

Successful Social Media Campaigns

Have you ever run any successful social media campaigns that have actually paid for themselves?

I’m guessing it was a struggle. It really can be can’t it to kind of wade through all of the misinformation out there. When I first started out on the Internet, I though Social media was easy. Put your hand up of you thought you can just shoot any video, upload it to YouTube and it would go viral! Doesn’t quite work that way right?

Successful Social Media Campaigns Explained.

As I said in the video, you need a plan of attach for using social media. You would have to be very, very lucky to have a viral video. SO let’s forget about luck and attack social media with a clear, focused plan for success.

Here are a few tips to get started…

#1 You have to be promoting something people want and what is also ethical.

If you are just shooting a video about some random topic, you probably won’t create a huge following. Therefore, you need to find out what people want. Are there a lot of people looking for tools to get them started out on the Internet for example? Yes there is.


successful social media campaigns

successful social media campaigns

# 2 You have to get in front of the right people.

It’s as simple as that. As I said in the video above, I know a lot of people who make this simple mistake. For example they are trying to sell womens bicycles to young teenage boys. It simply doesn’t fit. This is where social media can really shine. With platforms such as Face Book, geo and niche targeting is possible. This means that you really can get in front of the right audience. I have advertised to 10 000 people before and not had much interest at all. That’s because they were the wrong people.

Aaron Rashkin said :

You need to get the RIGHT message in front of the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time. It’s as simple as that.

#3 You need to have the right budget and right mindset.

Just throwing money at social media with no real plan can really hurt your business in two ways. Firstly you can become discouraged that it’s not working and secondly it can cause cash-flow problems. Even if you are only spending little amoutns, it all ads up in the end. This could in end effect cause your business to fail.

So what are some platforms for successful social media campaigns?

1 Face Book

2 Linkedin

3 Youtube

4 Google Plus

These are just a few of the ones you can use. Things change but Face Book really is popular at the moment. It is easy and simple to use, test and get results. As I said about though, you really need to focus down on one thing at a time.

For example, if you are a blogger, stick with that until you have mastered it and so on. Get what I mean?

I didn’t get that for a long time and ended up failing terribly at all sorts of things for a long time. I was too young, inexperienced and didn’t have a good mentor that I listened to. I am sharing these results with you so that you don’t make these same mistakes.

I hope you got a lot from this ‘successful social media campaigns’ post.



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