Long Tail Pro Review


 My New and Improved Long Tail Pro Review

Are you looking for a Long Tail Pro Review?

I have used a few different paid keyword tools and have decided to put a review together for this particular one.

If you know me or my blog, you may have heard that I come from a farm in North QLD Australia. It’s a long way from there to the front page of Google I can tell you lol. I have gone through many struggles on-line and the whole deal with keywords was one of them.

It’s a bit embarrassing but the truth is that the first time I started a blog, I posted OVER 180 times without doing much keyword research or promotion at all!!! Isn’t that crazy lol? If you know anything about blogging, just actually posting is nothing.

It’s what comes after and before that which is the magic. Great keywords are the very first thing you need before you blog!

So check out this video I made about this good paid keyword tool.

My Long Tail Pro Review

So if you still don’t realize how important keywords are, I suggest you don’t blog at all. It would just be a waste of time otherwise. I have that I don’t normally do this, in fact I have never done it before but I am doing this review without having heaps of experience with this tool. I’m actually more of a Market Samurai guy.

Anyway, I know this tool works, I have seen it in use and seen the results from it.

When starting out blogging, long tail keywords are the most important.

An example of a normal keyword is ‘Long tail pro’ and a long(er) tail keyword would be ‘Long tail pro review’.

If you are confused these are actually keyword phrases. They are the same as a keyword, just more than one word.

So people use long tail keywords along with local seo to get a foothold in whatever niche they are ranking for. When I first started with blogging and that, I thought I could rank for a word like ‘travel’ or something. If you are a seasoned professional, you are probably rolling around on the floor laughing at me right now.

use this genuine long tail pro review

So the longer tail keyword might be easier to rank for which is true in this case as well.

How do I know this? I use a great tool like Long Tail Pro.

I honestly do use Google Keyword planner for scouting keywords so I can refine them with a good paid tool BUT there was a time when I didn’t have a paid tool. For that reason, me blogging over 250 times in total was a COMPLETE waste of time.

It was a massive error.

Rich Dad (Robert Kiyosaki)(I just call him Rich Dad) says…

When starting a company, fail as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

When I first started blogging, it took me about 6 months to fail and wasn’t that cheap. Why did it take me so long to learn? One of the main problems was that I didn’t have a good mentor. More about that later though, here is some more valuable advice for you.

So let’s get into the long tail pro review further. Let’s get right in and see exactly how this tool works and WHY you should purchase it and use it.

A Detailed Long Tail Pro Review

Advantages of LTP

  • Can focus down on exactly what keywords you want.
  • You can keep analysing the situation and see how your blogs are performing.
  • You really only pay for what you use.

Disadvantages of Long Tail Pro

  • Not like Market Samurai in some ways.
  • Can take a while to get used to.
  • No major disadvantages in my opinion!


So that should give you more evidence that this tool could be just what you need. Above I mentioned why I failed BIG time the first time that I blogged. I just want to re-enforce that here.

You need a great mentor.

It’s just that simple. I am here to give you advice of what to do and also what not to do. Trust me, I have been there before and just failed amazingly.

SO if you are serious about making money online, I have a system here that you can use to get rid of all of that crazy noise in your head.

Does it just feel like you are swimming around in the sea at the moment with no direction? Do you need a system to get you started and on the right track. If you really want to live the Internet marketing lifestyle like me (I’m currently in Germany and just got back from the US) then you need this system. It’s as simple as that.

The good news is that once you have your keywords, you can start here with this system for…

An extremely discounted price of only $25 today. Click here to get started.

You need good mentors, good tools, a good system….all of that…and this system has it ALL.

I look forward to working with you. I hope you enjoyed my Long Tail Pro Review!




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