Internet Marketing Millionaires

Do you know these Internet Marketing Millionaires?

Sound like a cool idea to you? To say I am going to talk about some Internet marketing millionaires and what they did to make this much money.

If you haven’t been following my blog, my name is Colin and I come from a farm in North QLD Australia. Coming from this fairing background, my family are used to struggles when it comes to running a business and money in general. Common story right? Well that is a reason why I left that environment and am striving to better myself and have devoted my life to becoming the ultimate investor.

How many Internet marketing millionaires are out there?

I personally follow the teachings of these people who have made a decent amount of money on-line. I mean it’s actually more than decent isn’t it, could you do with an extra million dollars in your bank account?

Internet Marketing Millionaires

Internet Marketing Millionaires

I can rattle off a few names like Mike Dillard, Todd Falcone, Jonathan Budd and so on. They are some well known internet marketers who run very successful companies online and provide some of the BEST training out there for you to duplicate what they are doing.

Business is about that. Duplications. Without going off on a major rant like I do sometimes, you need to forget everything you have learned, forget your ego and start from scratch with this training if you want to build a successful Internet marketing business.

I can’t do anything for you unless you do this. I am so passionate about that topic because I was one of those stubborn know it all guys just a few years ago. That was me all over. It makes me sick to think of that many people I know who are still exactly the same as I was back then.

So are my mentors Internet marketing millionaires?

The simple answer to this is YES, of course.

If you wanted to be the best basket ball player ever, who would you learn from? A guy who has no results and is still learning OR some big dog guy who has been there and conquered all before?

The Main Company I am affiliate with is Empower Network. Since the company was founded in October 2011, there has been 6 people or affiliate accounts who have earned over 1 million dollars US in revenue. That includes the founders and the next best affiliates.

The million dollar earners are as follows:

  1. David Wood
  2. David Sharpe
  3. Vick Strizheus
  4. Tony Rush
  5. Justin and D Verrengia.
  6. Lawrence Tam
  7. Aaron Rashkin
  8. Tracey Walker
  9. … the list goes on.

The cool thing is that there are way more people on way to reaching this mark. people like Chris Record, Aaron Rashkin, Tracey Walker and Rob Fore. Do you think I follow Rob Fore’s advice because we are both bloggers and SEO guys? You bet I do.

DISCLAIMER: Empower Network doesn’t guarantee any income even though there are people doing so well. They have an average earnings disclaimer at the bottom of their company website pages.

Empower Network however does give you the chance to become an internet marketing millionaire. As with anything in life, you will need to take the chance and put some work in for a period of time before you have any success with an opportunity.

So what does that mean for you and me?

There really is an opportunity out there for you to make money online. Just because I can rattle off Internet Marketing Millionaires doesn’t mean people fail. There are a lot of people who have fallen to the wayside while these guys have become so successful. The truth though is that people fail at a lot of things. The majority fail at a lot of things. The good thing about Internet marketing is that anyone has the ability to actually do this stuff.

Yes, there are examples of blind and bed ridden people having success with Empower Network.

THE cool thing is that I have access to the training products made by these guys. I can give you exclusive access to the tools and trainings used by these guys…..

You can access by clicking here for only $25 today.

Imagine that, for this small amount you can get started on your dream.

Click here to get started.

Enjoy learning from some Internet marketing millionaires.



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5 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Millionaires

  1. I think for internet marketing owners who want to success online should follow the steps of the experts who have already success online.
    In order to boost your online business, you should consider link building, SEO, participate in blogs and forums, write and submit your articles to ezines, make use of Facebook and other social media, and consider investing in paid advertisement to expose your site.

  2. Hey, yes I agree that diversity is good in your business.

    I do think though that you should focus on some of these techniques at once. For me, I didn’t have any success at all until I focused down on one technique and just became really good at it.

    Have fun marketing!!

  3. Thanks for the comment. Just sign up for our free irtnenet marketing videos at and you will be taken to our members area when you log in. Welcome and hope for your success online.

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