SIMPLE GUIDE: How to Make Money Blogging

Let’s talk about how to make money blogging the SIMPE way! I said simple there because I believe it is very simple but not necessarily easy. The great thing you can remember though is that if its not easy but hard work, if you are blogging about your passion, it will not feel like work at all!

I personally want people to succeed blogging so I put a lot of work into my business which gets people to PAGE 1 of Google. That is my first aim and my last is actually getting people to own a profitable business, which we all like to have, right?

Step by Step Guide: How to Make Money by Blogging!

So the thing about blogging is that it is really flexible what you blog about. You will however need to pick one topic and stick to it in order to be able to stay ranking more easily. This is basically the only rule in terms of what you want to blog about.

You need to think about a few things before you get started blogging as well. Here is a step by step process that I tell people to go through BEFORE they write their first blog post…

  1. Why do you want to set up a blog? Is it just to make money or is it more to do something you are passionate about? I meet a lot of people who blog as a hobby and then end up trying to monetize it. The problem with that is it can be difficult to rank and so on if you don’t have that goal in mind to start with. Get clear on your goal.
  2. How are you going to do it? If you work full time you might do it evenings and weekends or pay someone to help you. No-matter how you do it, you need to realize that there will be the need for a considerable amount of work to be done before you start. Blogging is more time consuming that costly unless you outsource it.
  3. Realize that it will take a few months to rank in the search engines. Typically it takes blogging once every day (about 45 minutes to an hour) for about 90days on a new blog before the search engines will start taking you seriously.
  4. Get hungry for success. If you want to make money from blogging, realize that there will be setbacks along the way and that you will have to press on for success and to reach your goals.

SO there is just one big thing in between you and success….

The main Problem STOPPING people from making money with their blog.

Have you ever felt like just smashing your computer into 1000 pieces and then sweeping them out the door? I have to admit I used to be really frustrated when I first ever had a blog.

how to make money blogging

how to make money blogging

So why is it that we get like that?

The two main reasons are using the right platform to start AND then getting exactly the right training to have success….

It is actually quite a funny story how I failed. The first time I ever owned a blog, I actually blogged 180 times (over 6 months) doing the WRONG things and didn’t rank anywhere near the search engines. Isn’t this amazing? The main problem was I didn’t use the right training to get there…..

MY SOLUTION for you today…

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This will give you both the right training and right platform to use starting for only $25 today. This is a limited offer and can be taken down or raised at any time. The income disclosure for this opportunity is here.

If you want change, you have to just make it happen!

Have fun making money blogging.



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