Selling Through Conversational Hypnosis

Have you ever seen conversational hypnosis work or do you believe in it at all? I have to say I have never done anything to do with hypnotics but I really do find this an interesting thing.

Check out this video for example…

Conversational Hypnosis Shocking Demonstration

Isn’t that crazy? I have actually seen some of this stuff working in a very light fashion but first hand. I have seen it working more just to GET YOUR ATTENTION. I have to use capital letters to get yours but other’s can use how they talk or write. Talking and writing in riddles!

If you make a living on-line, you may have come across an interesting long haired hippie dude called David Wood. he really is crazy how he tells stories and just lives life. Anyway if you have seen him talk, you may have noticed that he might say some phrases three times in a row, seriously he does…..seriously he does…..seriously he does(bang). You may have also noticed that you sat up and paid attention the third time he said it.

Sound crazy? Yes it does but it also works. Now before you go off and try this with your boyfriend or girlfriend, I have to put a disclaimer out there that I know nothing about hypnotics, I don’t practice it and that I don’t recommend amateurs try it….could be dangerous…

Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis

So what are the benefits of something like this? I have seen this ethically used by people basically just to grab their attention. It can be used to get people to look at you and actually pay attention to what you are offering. It is great that way to make sales. Now again, I don’t use it and I obviously wouldn’t recommend its use unethically. If you somehow put someone in a trance and got them to sign their savings account over to you for example, that would be highly illegal.

So its main use is for grabbing attention and getting people to actually feel the moment through the power of words and touch.

How can you learn this stuff? There are heaps of places out there that can teach you but obviously ethically and legally. Conversational hypnosis is still such a weird topic with people because the majority of us really don’t understand it do we?

It really has opened up my eyes since being around this stuff occasionally as to the power of the human mind. I come from a farm in North QLD Australia so I’m not one to meditate but I have also seen first hand the power in visualizing your goals. If you close your eyes and visualise your goals, they can seem real and more easy to achieve. This is a very common technique used by sports people and professionals alike.

So I hope you enjoyed your journey into selling through conversational hypnosis and maybe I made you more interested in the topic.



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