Amway Scam

Is it really an Amway Scam?

Did you really just get sucked into the Amway Scam? Just kidding!

I am going to give you a full review of Amway here to show you exactly what the company is about and if you should join.

Before you join something, it is good to know the whole facts about it. At the beginning of my investing career, I really sucked at this. I wanted something for nothing. The truth is that you need to do at least SOME work to get any good out of the investment.

I come from a farm originally you see. Just a farmboy lol. So therefore it has taken a lot of training to get to where I am today. It will take a lot more to get to where I want to be as well!

I heard this great quote from Warren Buffet that explains how I think people should invest.

I only invest in what I understand, the other stuff I leave to other people

This quote goes with me and is always in my head before I look into anything. I also have some great investors who really advise me well before I start. Essential.

Amway has been around for a long time. It is one of the oldest MLM companies around.

Let me give you a brief overview of Amway before I start.

What is this Amway Scam?

So I gave you a brief intro about what this company is and what it can do for you.

It is easy for someone who is making money to talk big about a company. It is a great company though and wouldn’t have been around all these years if it was a complete scam.

Let me explain further about how this company actually works.

What is it? – The ins and outs.

Amway in a multi level marketing company company primarily based off-line. If you don’t know much about MLM, you basically sell these products for a commission and the person you sell the product becomes a part of your team. Because of the structure, that person then pays you some of their commissions when they sell something. This goes on and on and the bigger your team is and better you get, the more money you make.

Amway sell off-line products like health and beauty products. These are in demand and it is just a matter of you going out and selling them to make money.

So that is basically how a MLM or Network Marketing company works.

Typical ways of selling on-line are:

  • Blogs and Websites
  • Video Marketing
  • PPC traffic
  • Social Media marketing
  • Solo Ads
  • etc….

Off-line Marketing normally involves:

  • Print ads (magazine, newspaper etc)
  • Billboards
  • Door-knocking
  • Business Cards
  • Home meetings
  • etc….

So there are a lot of ways that you can get ahead with a good MLM company like Amway. You just need to focus down on one or MAYBE 2 techniques above and put the WORK back in the work from home equation.

Seriously I still meet so many people who really are just looking to make something for nothing. I’m very sorry but it just won’t happen. The only thing you can do is get into great companies and systems like Amway which will give you the chance of making more money sooner.

Obviously like any good MLM companies, This company won’t promise you any income. If you fail, you can’t call Amway Scam.

is this amway scam a real thing?

amway scam

So why isn’t everyone rich?

Many people join this company expecting to get rich, fail hopelessly for a few months and then quit and cry ‘Amway Scam’!!!

This happens for a few reasons. Firstly you need to be able to sell and promote to make any money. Have you ever door-knocked or sold stuff on the phone before? Even if you do have this experience you need the right personality and training for it to actually work. That is the main reason why people fail. There are many other reasons as well like the fact that people really struggle with the training and actually understanding what they have to do.

So the truth is that only a few percent of Amway affiliates actually make money but when they do, they often make it big. There are so many stories of how people failed with this company but there are also success stories out there. So let’s get to the advantages and disadvantages of this firm.


  • Amway really is a genuine company with genuine products and a genuine system that give you the best chance at success. You probably won’t have any worries about the company shutting down or anything like that.
  • As I said above, the products are top quality and actually useful and work.
  • Group networking is there and if you start building a team and they start succeeding, your pockets will grow as well.
  • You have plenty of success stories to go off and can learn from people who have been there and done it before.
  • There are a lot of ways you can promote products. This suits all different personalities. Again though, don’t cry Amway scam if you fail, it is up to you to learn and put the work in.


  • Most people join without and selling experience at all and struggle for a long time. The system can fail people because they don’t know what to do, they are confused.
  • It can be difficult to access a global market if you are marketing off-line. Depending on what you are doing exactly, your market might be limited to your home state or city even. An on-line business for example will have way more reach.
  • There can be significant start-up costs. It can be difficult and most people who fail, stop because they aren’t managing start-up costs.
  • People see the name Amway and therefore think they will become instantly rich before joining.

So there are a few things about Amway that I wanted to get out there and that I wanted you to know about.

Is Amway a scam? No, not at all….

This company has been around for a long time and is no way a scam. They don’t give you money for nothing or guarantee you any income.

The main hurdle that people have to get over is making a system or mastering the promotion and actually making sales. My website is dedicated to help you mastering whatever marketing technique you choose, so enjoy the content.

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Colin Burnett

‘The Aussie Apprentice’

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