Hey, I’m Colin Burnett from Australia!

Will the real Colin Burnett please stand up?

Hey, I just want to put a few words up here today to introduce myself to you. After that we can get down to the business of creating a life that you want! I will tell you more about this site and so on.

After all, your experience with this blog is the most important thing right?

I’m just seeing so much kind of stiff writing out there. That really old school stuff where people write blogs and stuff like they would write an essay.

It’s not cool, just really boring to read right?


Who is Colin Burnett?

So I’m Colin Burnett anyway from North Queensland. Yes I talk with the typical Aussie accent…lol. So I’m one of the new generation Aussie guys on-line. We don’t copy EVERYTHING from the US but we definitely use their world class training and stuff like that…

I actually come from a farming / ranching or cattle station background so had little to do with the Internet until my mid twenties. What am I talking about I’m still only 27….

I have really put a lot of work in between traveling  in the last year and become a master blogger. I can rank content and in end-effect make money. I can’t say I make millions of dollars a year yet…..yes I said yet. That is my goal though. My end goal is to be a billionaire before I’m 60. I’m on a mission so if you wan come with me, jump on board my team.

You Can join my team right here.

I love people with goals.

I have have big dog mentors who have done things that I want to do and I’m doing it as well.

If you clicked on that link above and got in with me I have to mention that income obviously isn’t guaranteed with Empower Network as well. It is a business opportunity, not a job. The income potential is far greater than a job and what you probably ever imagined but I can’t guarantee you will work to get your business started.

So back to my story. I’m not self centered at all and am not used to talking about myself but I want to get to know you and you me. That will help us work together….a win win.

I grew up on a farm but travel a lot now. I spent a long time after school working for a family business and for a long period I wasn’t paid.

That’s the short of it.

That’s why now I just do what I want. I’m focused on my goals but those goals include helping people all around me!

So check out more blogs of mine and leave your comments and I’ll get back to you.




If you have read through to here, I know you are really serious about creating a great life for yourself.

So I decided to give you a few free bonuses to getting you started on the right track today.

This is the 3 step plan I use to get results….and cold hard cash!


Buy this cheap done for you blogging platform

Buy here


Use the free training and my blog and YouTube channel training to get started writing and ranking your blogs straight away.


Use the Empower Network training to decide what areas you want to build your knowledge and business in.

Very important step there.

I had NO success before I focused down on blogging and making videos to market my business.

So those 3 steps are yll you need to get started on the right track to success. Talk to me if you need any help!!




IPAS System

What is the IPAS System?

Hey there and welcome to my blog!

Before we dig deep into the IPAS system and what it can do for you, let me introduce myself.

My name is Colin Burnett and I am a young guy from QLD Australia. I have travelled a lot over the last few years and really enjoy seeing new places and new people. While travelling, I wanted to make money and have a life of freedom. That’s how this blog came about!!

Anyway, let me introduce the IPAS System by video first…

Colin Burnett Introducing the IPAS System


So what is so good about IPAS?

The Positives…

  • FREE trial. You can join IPAS and check it out for nothing! I really love that idea and think it is one of the coolest. There are very few other Internet Marketing companies out there that do this. This idea will also help your sales as you will find out later.
  • SUPPORT! IPAS offers a coach when you join. Sounds fairly cool right? Well yes it is. If you are motivated to put some work in, you have a lot of things going in your favor. Having a mentor is an essential part of getting where you want to go.
  • IPAS is a creation of Chris Jones and some of his business partners. If you don’t know Chris, he has earned over one million dollars with Empower Network. Therefore this system was created by a guy who is in the field and knows what he is doing. He is committed to ever improving himself and his business. Good guy!
  • I am an IPAS Pro member which means a higher level of training and a few more goodies :) A basic member with this system is under $50 a month and to upgrade to pro isn’t really much more for the training you get.
  • The commission payout is higher than most other on and off line companies. Percentage wise, it can be difficult to get over 50% commissions no matter what product you you are affiliated with.
  • They offer high end training. You can use these products to really master the science of Internet marketing and be the best as you can be. Not only that, you can sell these products as well and earn commissions as well.

 how the IPAS system works

The Negatives…

  • This wouldn’t be a full IPAS System review without me listing the bad points of this company. There are a few different things that an affiliate marketing company will inherit whether they like it or not.
  • When people join MLM companies or so, for some reason they expect to make money WITHOUT having to do any work. There is bound to be someone promoting IPAS in this way. You definitely won’t find me doing this intentionally. So just remember that this is a business offer and no income is or can be guaranteed. This isn’t a fault with the IPAS system itself but more the whole industry.

 IPAS and Empower Network are married???

So yes Empower Network and IPAS are affiliated in some way. They work together.

As for the inner details, I don’t know exactly. I am sure it wouldn’t be anything too complex.

Basically the only thing you need to know is that they compliment each other!! IPAS doesn’t have a blogging system and doesn’t need one. EN doesn’t have a free trial which IPAS does.

When you join either, the top tier products are interchangeable. That means that if you are a top member in EN, you will automatically be in IPAS as well. So the companies are a bit different but their products definitely compliment each other.

The main thing you need to DO is get to work. Once you try a few things and make some mistakes, you are already on way to becoming great. That is the main takeout I have from IPAS

 The IPAS system and Empower Network

The Bottom Line – The IPAS System

IPAS isn’t the only MLM company that has the possibility to be successful for you. So there are a few key things that you will need to do for success here as well as with other companies.

Success tip #1

  • OPPORTUNITY. You are at the right place. Find a genuine review (or a lot of reviews) about the opportunity you are about to join. Study it, talk to people in the know and decide if it is for you. Ask yourself questions like; Is this something I could commit time to to make a lot of money? Am I ready for a complete lifestyle change? Am I ready to make possibly more money than I have even dreamed of?

Success tip #2

  • COMMITMENT. There is no point buying a cafe if you aren’t committed to running it right? I mean even if you don’t want to outsource the staff and management, you will need to be PASSIONATE about the business for it to succeed. Naturally, the same goes for affiliate businesses. Find something you are really interested in and you will be committed and motivated for the cause!

Success tip #3

  • MENTORS. Get a guy who knows what they are doing to stand over your shoulder and watch you! This is so IMPORTANT. You need to know when you are making mistakes as soon as possible. I have been guilty and I know a lot of others who have made (unintentionally) mistakes for ages without knowing it. The trouble is it harmed their business.


To Sum It All Up So You Can Go Do What You Want

Do you want more money in your life?

If the answer is yes, this type of thing is for you.

You see, I was once a guy who lived with little hope in my life. For most of us, hope is all that keeps us going. We hope our kids turn out ok, we hope our job will be good and pay us, we hope that the weather will stay fine.

What we don’t think about is that we can’t control some of those things!

What we can control though are our actions. It is a free society we live in, at least in Australia anyway and we can do basically whatever we went. So What I am saying to you today is you CAN have whatever you want in life!

There are successful people all around us who have set themselves basically no boundaries!

So if you think you deserve more, click here and check this system out for FREE.


Colin Burnett

P.s. Comment below if you have any questions!!

Simple Blogging for Dummies!!!

How to – Blogging for Dummies

Hey there mate, my name is Colin Burnett and let’s talk blogging for dummies today.

Blogging may be easy for some, but once you have done this in reality, you might find it confusing and challenging.

Fortunately, with the use of the internet, you can find various sources of information on how you can start a blog quickly. But, make sure that your sources are reliable for best results.

HOT chick – Blogging for dummies (fun guide)



In the world of blogging, there are various things you need to take for consideration. Some of these are as follows:

Determine Your Niche or Topic for Your Blog

One of the first things that you need to do when learning how to blog is to pick a topic. When choosing a topic for your blog, always keep in mind those things you enjoy or you’re passionate about. If you have passion on a particular thing, then start blogging about it. Simple!!

blogging for dummies

Some bloggers started writing about tech gadgets because these are their interests. As a blogger, you have to bear in mind that it makes no sense to start blogging about something if you have no interests on various things.

So, learn how to determine your niche because this could be your key to succeed in blogging.

If you can’t think of anything to write because you’re confused about your desired topic or niche for your blog, you can consider you hobbies. You can also blog about what you do everyday or some particular activities.

Know Which Blogging Platform to Use

As of now, there are different blogging platforms you can choose from. Most blogs are using WordPress nowadays. As a matter of fact, WordPress was downloaded 72M times and used by tons of popular websites and blogs.

There are many reasons why you should use WordPress when blogging. One of these is that you can pick from various layouts as well as free themes. You can also quickly add pictures and blog posts to your blog.

Another reason is that you’re able to categorize your blog posts. In fact, you can make a custom menu. People may also comment or share your blog, and many more.

If you don’t want WordPress, you can choose other blogging platforms. However, you have to take note that free is not always free. It is true that you can make a free blog on some blogging platforms like Tumblr.


But, they’re not actually free because you won’t have your own domain. If you want your own domain, you can consider some web hosting services. Through these services, you can have your own domain, but you will have to pay for particular fees every month.

Nevertheless, choose a trustworthy provider for you to avoid any inconvenience.

There are other things that you need to consider.

Those mentioned ones are just few of them.

But, always keep in mind those considerations because they can make a huge difference in the long run and may lead you to the path of success. If you are a bit confused with numerous details about blogging for dummies, searching for a dependable blogging expert is never been a bad idea.

The MAIN deal about all this.

Blogging for dummies should teach this first. You have to blog about what you are PASSIONATE about.

I see far too many people fail because they aren’t passionate enough.

It isn’t their fault, they are just ‘in the wrong game’.

Here is a memorable quote by one of my mentors Rob Fore. It is about Internet Marketing in general.

Of course this advice goes against the grain taught by most online gurus, upline sponsors, coaches and even many financial planners but hang with me here for a few minutes and I’m confident you’ll walk away with a better appreciation about why creating multiple steams of income is not only in your best interest, but how it will greatly increase your odds of having success as well.

You see, Rob taught me a different way of thinking. It is the way that the rich think.

Anyway, have fun with my blogging for dummies guide and I wish you well in the future!

3 Step guide to START blogging for dummies!

As we talked about about, it is really easy to start blogging. Here are some steps to being the best you can!

  1. Pick your platform. Either WordPress or blogger will be fine. Don’t spend too much time on worrying about this stuff. Getting familiar with it will take some time.
  2. Pick your INTEREST. What are your hobbies? What do you do for a living right now? What would you like to do for a living? Do you play sport? Do you like to travel. Blogging for dummies asks all of these questions.
  3. Pick a MENTOR. This part id crucial to your success. Find someone who really will help you out. For me I use this service. Once you have a trusted guy, get started creating content!

I look forward to your success and COMMENT below with any questions.




Business Video Directory

Business Video Directory

Many companies are now considering business video directory because of its offered benefits. That is the reason why more and more business owners are trying their best to make their videos just to upload on some business video directories. However, if this is your first time to hear about a business video directory, make sure to choose the best and right one in order for you to get the right results.

For those who don’t know about a business video directory, it is a directory where you can upload your business video. At present, there are tons of business video directories. Unfortunately, not all can offer you satisfaction. That is why it is wise to shop around.

How to Find a Business Video Directory?

With the countless business video directories in today’s market, it can be confusing to choose for the one that would offer your needs. For you to experience satisfaction, always seek for a directory that is known for its reputation. You can search online and make a list of your preferred business video directories. Once you have a list of your preferences, compare them to each other and find out which can give you results. Depending on your needs, choose the one that will let you promote your business effectively.

If you can’t still find a business video directory, you can ask someone who has already considered this directory. If you want to ensure that his or her recommendation is reliable, make a research about it. There are cases that websites have a place where you can read testimonials. If there’s one, then spend some of your time reading the feedbacks of other clients.

What Are the Benefits of Uploading a Business Video Directory?

There are several benefits you can enjoy once you have uploaded a video in business video directories. One of these benefits is that this can level up your exposure online. If you want to target the local audience, this is the best way for you to gain more clients. Another thing about this directory is that this can also let you reach worldwide audience without the need for you to spend a huge amount of cash on various marketing strategies.

Videos are said to be one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your business. If you want to promote your products and services instantly, then make sure to create a video for your business and upload it to a particular business video directory. With this, you will not worry about promoting your business as this directory can help you and may become handy.

Why Should You Consider a Business Video Directory?

There are many reasons why you should consider business video directories. With those mentioned benefits above, you can be assured that you will meet all your business goals in no time. So, if you still have doubts about this kind of directory, why not try uploading your business video to one of these directories and find out what it can do to boost your online presence.

So get online and make a difference to your business.

There really are only a few different ways you can get away with this sort of thing and this is one of them.


Colin Burnett

Content Marketing Strategy

Importance of Having a Content Marketing Strategy

Hey there, it’s Colin back with you today.

I want to get right down to business RIGHT NOW. There are times when you need to focus in your business and times when you can party…

Today I want you to focus…

FUN Content Marketing Strategies that WORK!

Many people would say that content strategy and content marketing strategy is just the same. But what these people should know is that the 2 are different matters.

In order for a content to be used just the way it is supposed to, a content marketing strategy is necessary is necessary. Basically, this kind of plan is focusing on the needs of your audiences or customers as well as your goals while making sure that both are being served appropriately. The entire process requires certain steps to follow and will help in improving a website’s effectiveness in attracting the attention of their target audience.

There are certain stages that one should undergo to create the most effective content marketing strategy suited for the creation of a more effective content. If you are interested in learning these stages, then check out the following stages that you have to go through:

Ø  Definite the type of buyers or your entire target audience. This is an important stage as this will help you in making a content that will suit the interest of your target audience and will easily entice them to try whatever products or services you are offering.

Ø  Content mapping, gap analysis and inventorization. It is a way of targeting the right placement of topics within the content and will make website owners understand the things that their contents should be focusing on. This will also help owners to find out the conversion ability of their content and increase their customers.

Ø  Linking the brand. This is the stage where website owners should be aware on how their brand should be linked with related products or websites appropriately.

content marketing strategy

Ø  Flows, processes and editorial calendars. Once you see that everything seems to be going on the right path, it is best that you will be setting the flows and processes of the entire stages. Furthermore, you should also be preparing for editorial calendars when you can check the contents made after going through many stages. Setting up first these things before production will help you in meeting deadlines that you have set.

Ø  Content-specific KPIs and metrics. Though it is given that websites should be following certain metrics in the process of creating a content marketing strategy, it is essential that the content will be speaking a common language that any person within the online community can understand. Make sure that you are able to find the common metric on your content and use a usual language that different departments can understand.

Ø  Planning the production sharing. During the production, it does not necessarily mean that a specific department will be the only one doing the contents planned. It is best that the weight of the production will be balanced over the number of departments who can work on it and share the job for fast production.

Once you have considered doing all of these stages, there is no doubt that you can create a content marketing strategy that will work effectively on your advantage.


Colin Burnett

How to Write Good Copy

Free TIPS on How to Write Good Copy

I can stress enough how important it is to learn and get good at knowing how to write good copy.

At the start of my Internet marketing career, a few years ago, I didn’t know much about this at all. writing good copy is basically communicating well with readers through words. I guess it’s one of those things that some people are better at than others.

I’ll go through five tips below that I have learned over the last few months from some of the GREATEST marketers out there. It is cool to have good mentors and to just have them there as a base to learn off and follow when you aren’t sure exactly what you need to do. Feeling me???

How to Write Good Copy

How to Write Good Copy

So let’s get to work and go through some steps that will make it easier for you.

Steps on How to Write Good Copy

Step #1 Write like you talk. It’s that simple.

Have you heard of this before? Before I really knew much about marketing and advertising or what people do on the Internet, I always thought people had to be really professional to attract customers. Don’t get me wrong, I run a professional business and do the right thing by my customers but I don’t write proper.

It is an easy mistake to make when you get started but just don’t do it. Don’t over-complicate things and just write how you speak. You will connect better with your customers and get your message across. It is cool to see people doing it and how their personality really shows through like in the picture above :) Just remember grammar a little bit but really it doesn’t matter that much at all. be fun, be your self and write EXACTLY how you talk!

STEP #2 Be one-on-one. ‘Hey, it’s just you and me here right?’

DOn’t write as if you are giving a lecture to a million people. Write as if it’s just you and me sitting in Starbucks having a coffee or something like that. Get it? Just chill out and connect with people. When you have a business you are actually selling yourself first and then your product. People are buying you. If they like and trust you, you could potentially have a lifetime customer right in front of you! Awesome feeling or what?

Step # 3 Don’t write in massive paragraphs and long winded sentences that will confuse your reader no-end.

This point is fairly self explanatory right? You can write a lot but be direct. Don’t put too many ideas in one sentence. Makes it easier to read right? Don’t put more than a MAX of 3 sentences per paragraph and you can basically just keep writing forever! This is a massive tip on how to write good copy and keep your readers interested.

Step # 4  Tell your story.

Let people know who are. If you just be yourself, people will relate to you. Don’t try and complicate things and say stuff that isn’t true and stuff that just makes you sound like a whole different person. As with a lot of business, just keep it simple. The first blog I ever created, I made that many mistakes it just wasn’t funny from OVER-complicating stuff. I come from a farm in north QLD Australia. I think I had a fairly normal childhood and upbringing but I have found others are so interested in it. It was a lot different to some (find out more about me here)

Dumb it down and keep it straight-forward and real!

Step #5 Break your article up with pictures and videos.

It makes for way cooler reading and will keep your readers engaged. Who just wants to look at words all day right? These pictures will also help you heaps with your SEO if you are blogging or running a website (learn more here).

So these are a few tips that I have put together for you to learn how to write good copy.

Remember, practice makes perfect so just get out there and start writing.


Colin Burnett

‘The Aussie Abroad’



Free SEO Services

Where to find the Best Free SEO Services

Well if you are getting started on-line, you are probably looking for some good value free SEO services.

G’day my name is Colin anyway and I’m an Aussie!

I come from outback Queensland. It’s a pretty crazy story actually, I didn’t really have a normal upbringing. I grew up on an outback cattle station with remoteness that most people cant even imagine.

I mean the nearest town was 90 kilometres away and I did primary school at home!

For high school I had to go away to a boarding school. There wasn’t much other option. I lived at this school in another fairly small town with about 300 students.

That is a world away from the amount of traveling that I have done this year. I live more for the moment these days and want to take your mind with me. I want you to close your eyes and imagine exactly what you want to be doing right now!

What is it? Are you surfing on the coast of Australia? Are you roaming the streets of New York?

Anyway blogging is widely regarded as the cheapest way to build a following of awesome customers online.

Here are some Free SEO services and techniques YOU can use.

This guy just talks normal sense doesn’t he?

There is no point trying to reinvent the wheel. That will just mean you make mistakes and it will cost you money. Bad form.

Hell I know some people who are really set on reinventing the wheel.

That’s just crazy. It reminds me of a time when I was like that. It’s actually a funny story.

I used to get around at school and get really angry at people who laughed at me for being wrong. I just didn’t want to be wrong lol. I got it from my father, he wanted to be right all the time. The truth though is that you can’t be right all the time! The thinking of mine then was nothing like what it is now, I changed….

You need to learn!

So one day at school I’m sitting there with my girlfriend and I was kind of all tensed up if a kid walked past and was cheeky and I couldn’t get get the right words together o come back. Anyway it happened, a kid walked past and tried to gee me up and I was all fired up and couldn’t come back.

I was so frustrated that I just punched the wall. My girlfriend just kind of walked away and then we met up in our next break.

I said look I’m sorry for embarrassing you BUT she said look, the fact that you aren’t happy about who you are is the disappointing part. That’s the depart that I don’t like and no body is going to like.

It took me years to realize what she was talking about BUT now it is a clear!

so before I get off sidetracked too much, Free SEO services will help you rank your blog. I have a couple of blogs and I use them to communicate with my followers.

Are Free or Paid SEO Services the best for YOU?

should you use free SEO services ?

It depends.

Since Google has evolved further into 2014,thinks like article marketing and blog commenting for back-links have become less cool. Check out these ‘ShortCutts‘ for more info on how SEO has evolved.

So free SEO techniques used to work better. You can still spend a lot of time getting high quality backlinks nowadays and boost ahead in the rankings. The trick is though that you need to really know what you are doing.

Basically, if everything you are doing for SEO is free, you have little chance of gaining traction in this industry.

So a good mix of paid and free SEO will give you a good start in getting ahead in the search engines without being penalized by Google algorithm updates. We all want to steer clear of the sandbox don’t we!?!

I personally outsource about 80% of my SEO. This is based on choice. I know people who just spend more time doing SEO themselves as well….you can choose!

I do however obviously pay for the outsourcing and also training to keep up with the news.

Moz is an example of how I keep track of SE updates. Technically another one of those Free SEO Services. The Pidgeon, like those before has changed the SEO world forever.

So basically I use a lot of good paid backlink services to help boost my site in Google but also spend time doing free stuff to buind my site into the best it can be! I have people working with me to make this one of the best knowledge places on-line. Thatis my goal.

Pros and Cons Of Free SEO


You save money! Most individuals start a blog or a website with a limited budget and can do with saving as much cash as they can. Free SEO techniques such as finding back-links, writing your own content and learning yourself are ways you can save cash.

You are the expert! Even if you were to outsource 100% of your SEO, it doesn’t hurt to know your stuff. As with any business, you need to be able to keep your finger on the pulse to make sure you are heading in the right direction.


Doing your own free SEO services are time consuming. If you were to do more that half your SEO for free, you would find yourself spending many hours in front of a computer. This can be detrimental to your health and relationships around you….seriously!

You might get it wrong. I personally have too spent hours doing the wrong thing. It is alright if it doesn’t penalize you in the search engines but it still is a waste of time. Some things such as getting high quality back-links are sometimes better left to the experts.

Cost. SEO is getting more and more expensive. That is the main reason why I don’t outsource all of my SEO. If you are just getting started, it can ultimately lead to your business failing if you don’t have a reasonable SEO budget.

Should you use Free SEO Services?

Basically it is up to you.

If you have less cash and more time, go right ahead and start learning how to do it yourself.

If you are a businessperson already, then you might just learn the basics of SEO yourself and outsource everything right from the start.

Most of us just find a happy medium :)

I will be back soon with some more free SEO services and I hope you got something from this post. Leave your thoughts below!



P.S. If you are wondering what it is that I do exactly, click this link to find out more !

should you use free SEO services ?

Make money on Ebay

How to – Make money on Ebay!

Make money on Ebay…sound too good to be true?

Have you ever thought about trying to make maybe a little or even a lot using EBay?

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never really given it much though. Let’s jump straight in and take a look at how to make money this way more closely…

Here is an example of a GREAT way you can make money on Ebay!

This guy is Pumped isn’t he! Well why shouldn’t he be?

As he says, making money on Ebay can be duplicated easier than other Internet Marketing Companies.

If you are an Internet Marketer yourself, you may find it painful to see guys struggling to get places on the Internet. Cashflow can also be a major problem. I know I struggled when I first started to get positive cashflow.

I’ll let a great mentor of mine, Rob Fore explian more.

Rob Fore’s take on DS Domination – Drop Shipping on Ebay

Now Rob Fore has a great reputation when it comes to knowing how to make money on the Internet. When i first saw this video, I really sat up and took notice.

I did some checking around for myself and decided to join as well.

Is this opportunity available for everyone now? YES it is as Rob said above.

You can also login yourself and have the chance to start drop shipping…

———->Join up here and enjoy the support that I get.<———–

Now there are other ways you can make money online such as…

-> One convenient way to make money online is to start writing. There are many different sites that will pay you to create content for various people. If you have done well in writing courses before, this could be ideal for you. You can get paid to write blog posts and more.

->Tasks that do not require a great deal of attention can be found online. Especially simple tasks on websites, such as Mechanical Turk. Do a few tasks while you’re watching television. Don’t expect to break the bank with this technique, but you can make some of your time online pay off instead of being time completely wasted.

BUT, don’t you want to make a decent income?

When you are in a hurry to make money, reading about the topic may seem frustrating. The fact is that the more you know, the faster and better you will be at bringing in income. This article has given you the foundation you need, so build on it with experience and more learning.

Again, You can join up with me right here by clicking this banner.


how to make money on ebay


So I hope you now know one method of how to make money on Ebay!

As Rob said above, the reality is that only a small percentage actually put the work in to make money on line.

I hope you join me in 2014 and make money off Ebay too!



‘The Aussie Abroad’ (Currently in -2 degrees Celsius conditions in Munich, Germany)

:) Hope you are smiling too.


Best MLM Companies

What Are The Best MLM Companies?

Hey there Folks, it’s Colin here again today :)

Well der, it’s always me!

I want to talk to you today about the best MLM companies that are out there to help you get started online. If you are like me a few years ago you mint be reading this and thinking you can just brush all this advice aside and get started…..you will waste a lot of time and money.

Let me explain more what I call the Best MLM Company period.

It just doesn’t happen like that. You see, when I first started investing, I though I would just rewrite the rules! You see a lot of people and successful start-ups who look like they are rewriting the rules. The truth is though that the products or services may but the business structure will be very similar to others. Successful people will model themselves off other successful companies and people.

I learnt that the hard way! I was a pig headed, big egoed wannabe when I started! I though I was the best MLM company out there.

But anyway If you know my story, the basics are that I worked for mother family business in a farm way out in outback Australia. I worked for a few years including the last 2 not getting paid then I left. I took a stand for myself and made my life into what it is today.

So what do you think the best MLM company is?

some of the best mlm companies online or offline

The truth is that you have to brand yourself and undergo a total transformation before you can ever expect to draw customers towards you. There are a few of the best MLM companies out there that you would probably have similar results with no matter which one you are affiliated with.

A few good on-line mlm companies are:

Empower Network

My Lead System Pro

DS Domination

And so on….

Some Good off-line companies are…




I can’t vouch for exactly how these companies operate as I am not an affiliate of them. The on-line ones, I am affiliated with.

So people are actually buying you, not the product…

I am here to tell you today that you have an opportunity of making money with all of the legitimate best mlm companies on-line or off-line. All good companies have an income disclosure and won’t guarantee you any income as this is a business opportunity. Therefore it is not actually the business that you are affiliated with that is important.

There are so many successful people out there who sell so much stuff for what appears to be no good reason. They have have simply a lot more success than the others.

Why? Because you need to work on yourself.

Would you go to a doctor to ask for advice if he had only finished half his degree and internship?

You need to build your knowledge and become an expert in your niche. That’s how people like Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have been so successful before and also now with Empower Network. It is one of the top performing companies online and they created it!

So that’s how the world works, you need to give heaps of value before expecting anything in return.

It also gives you the feeling that you are doing the right thing…. 

Because you are. When I first got started, I didn’t understand the products I was promoting and therefore didn’t feel comfortable promoting them. Now that I know they contain heaps of value, I help people with them. I started making money online from helping people. What more could you want?

So I’m telling you that you need to sell great products from a good company but if it is the very best or not…..doesn’t matter at all. It also shouldn’t be something that you are focused on….

If you are looking to join one of the very best companies around at the moment, you can get their signature blog beast platform here for only $25. That is how I got started making money and more importantly, I am helping people get started understanding the Internet world right now.

So If you are thinking about the best MLM company, get a start today and I will be here to help!

You can grab the signature product here for only $25.

‘The Aussie Abroad’


Ezinearticles Review

Top Class Ezinearticles Review

Are you looking to an EASIER way to rank in Google with this ezinearticles review?

So I’m Colin Burnett, the Aussie traveler. That’s me in the pic above in the sea off the Greek island of Crete. Did I ever think I would make it to one of the biggest tourist destinations like that ever? No, not back when I didn’t believe in my own ability.

Anyway, I am a blogger, Internet marketer and wealth creation guy. I have learnt the hard way about what works and what doesn’t through many mistakes and learning curves. Article marketing is one of the areas I really struggled with.

What can Ezinearticles do for you?

Ezinearticles review

Ezinearticles review

Ezinearticles is a place where you can upload genuine, unique articles while will rank better than your other content in google. This isn’t a given though. Bas dally it will rank higher than your site if your site is new or doesn’t have authority. Heard of google authority before?

The difference is that Ezinearticles is already respected by google. This won’t guarantee your stuff will rank on first page but if it has the right SEO it has a better chance to. If it has the right keyword plus right SEO, it has a massive chance of making it to the first page.

This Ezinearticles review is meant to inspire you.

You need to realize that there is always a way around any obstacle. If you have an affiliate blog and need traffic quicker, try sites like this. There are also a few other good sites like this that will give you similar results.

There are a few problems with getting started with Ezinearticles too though. Your content has to be good. It really has to be good quality and free from spam and kind of unethical stuff. If it isn’t, your account will simply be shut down. I think the biggest problem people have is finding content to post.

If you really are the type that doesn’t like writing, you can get in and get content done for you! Once you have the keyword, there are literally hundreds of sites that you can use to get articles written by real people. Sound cool?

You can go to a site like fiverr or Elance for example and get a 500 word article written for you for only $5 or so. You can then use this quality content and promote it on sites like Ezinearticles.

Have you learnt much from this Ezinearticles review yet?

I am simply here to serve you, that’s the purpose of this blog. That’s why I started it and spend time everyday building it. Since I became an Internet marketer, I have built my knowledge about what works and what really doesn’t work.

Are you sick of finding the wrong advice? Well I have blog posts on page 1 of google and a great mentor teaching me to keep it that way. I’m constantly improving my knowledge and will post it here for you.

All you have to do now after this Ezinearticles review is to take some action.

Start an account and upload some articles. You can then enjoy the enhanced attention you will get!

Ezinearticles Review – Video Training

SEPTEMBER 2014 UPDATE – Should I still Article Market?

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, no. Article marketing is now more in the category of blog commenting, it isn’t the most effective thing to do anymore.

As has always been the case, it is really important firstly to get great content on your blog, website or video and THEN market it. So Article Marketing with these big sites is basically saturated and isn’t that effective anymore. If you have been in the SEO game for a while now, you will be used to stuff like this happening and the game simply changing.

So as part of this Ezinearticles review, I have to mention this big problem now. It really is not the most effective technique anymore.

SO you can use the latest news to decide for yourself if you will bother trying article marketing still or not.




P.S. Great weather here in Atlanta, Georgia! (Only visiting) :)

How to Make a Good YouTube Video

Hey guys, I’m going to cut to the chase today. If you want to know how to make a good YouTube video, I’m not going to beat around the bush. We all have limited time and want to achieve the things we set out to.

Check out this video I made to get you RANKING!!!….

Colin Burnett – How to Make a good YouTube video

So after watching that you should be inspired to build a business and start living the lifestyle you deserve!!!! If you can’t seem to find any motivation at all, then I’m sorry but the truth is that your life will stay the same. If you want it that way, that’s ok but if you want change, bad luck.

So I will get straight down to work today and show you my notes.

How to make a good YouTube video – 7 Steps + a final tip

1 Break Mindset/Capture Attention

It is important to do something interesting or exciting to start your video. Can you really just think of something to do right now? It isn’t that difficult not to be boring!! Just break people’s attention and get them interested in watching on. Be Creative!

2 Make sure you over deliver on value.

Videos are good for all types of people. You can waffle a lot or just be straight to the point. Even if your video is the most boring thing ever, you can still sell with it. SO the main thing is to eventually get to the point and overdeliver on value. Always address the topic and keep to your promise. OVER deliver!

3 Tell your story

Talk about yourself. I mean make sure you introduce yourself and just tell everyone who you are and where you come from. This will help people relate to you! I come from a farm in North QLD Australia and a lot of people find it interesting as heck!

4 Talk in an Active Voice

Be energetic and talk about how you want people to do stuff. After all you are a teacher in your videos. Don’t be afraid to say things like ‘Definitely include this in your You Tube video’. Don’t be afraid to tell people what to do and how to do it. After all you are an expert of the topic right?

5 Just be yourself!!

I see some guys trying to be over excited or kind of analytical when they aren’t naturally. Just practice a few videos and you will find your voice. Will make your videos much easier to make. It might even take up to 25-30 videos until you feel comfortable. Even with skydiving, after you do it about 180-220 times, the adrenalin is completely gone! crazy huh? You can do this!

6 Quote somebody else.

This is more powerful than you think. If you actually quote someone else (who is successful) while marketing anywhere you can say different stuff and people will still listen to you! If the person you are quoting is credible, your audience will be calmed even if the quote is provocative! So can get your point across that way. This is a really cool tip on how to make a good YouTube Video.

7 Calls to action

This is easily the most important part of how to make a good YouTube video. You really need to tell people to do what you want them to do. Maybe you want them to look at a product you are offering or click on a link you have below the video, just make sure you ‘close’.

how to make a good youtube video

how to make a good youtube video

Why is YouTube so Massive?

Have you ever noticed just how many videos show up when you Google something?

I didn’t know for a long time that people actually go to YouTube and search for stuff. I mean I have done it for ages but simply didn’t think about it. So that means that if you put a video up on YouTube and get it to rank somehow….you will be seen!!! Depending on what the search term is, you could get thousands of views.

SO that is why it is a massive marketing tool. It is also simple to use! Anyone can upload a video as long as it isn’t illegal. That is why you need to learn how to make a good YouTube video.

There are also a few other big video sharing platforms out there. You can use these as long as YT to market whatever you are trying to sell.

So that is my take on how to make a good video. I have learned from some guys over the years how to capture attention, keep it and tell people what to do.

If you are hesitant, just get out there and give it a try! Once you get over the initial fear, all will be cool… It is the same with anything.

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