Entrepreneurial Skills

Developing Basic Entrepreneurial skills

Are you wondering what simple entrepreneurial skills you need to become a success? Let’s dive into this topic today. I find being involved with start-ups extremely exciting. If you don’t want to build a business and turn yourself into a massive success, then you might be on the wrong page.

What Entrepreneurial skills does it take to become wealthy?


entrepreneurial skills

entrepreneurial skills

Richard Branson is just one example of someone who had made it in the world. He is an extraordinary individual and whether you like his personality or not, you have to admit, he knows how to make money. It’s cool to study these guys isn’t it. I spend a lot of time studying people who have more wealth than me. I hang around these guys so that they can lift me even further up. If you have ever seen a hooker in a rugby scrum just hanging there, that’s what I feel like haha. It is just so refreshing how they think, talk and handle themselves….but anyway let’s get back on track…

What skills and traits do these entrepreneurs have?

#1 A clear goal/vision

When someone would have told Richard Branson that he would never be able to become a billionaire, what would he have said? probably nothing and just continued on in his life…. That’s what yo really need to do too… If someone is trying to budge you from your goals, you need the focus and determination to stay on track. I know the feeling well. I can remember when a few people told me I would never make it to the first page of Google, but I PROVED that it can be done. You need to work out exactly what you want and picture it in your head. You need to taste and feel it. I for example want enough money to buy a $100 000 car with CASH in 3 months from the tie I write this blog. Can it be done? Of course it can, there are heaps of examples out there. Dare to dream man! One way to get this to happen is to get good mentors…

#2 Mentors

Surround yourself with good people who believe in your vision and who will help lift you up and improve you every day. The guy who trained me to get to the first page of Google was way cool. I can remember when i thought he was like a god but he is just like us guys!!! It’s easy to get caught up admiring people when you first start…. Don’t do that. Be on the same level with them. Just because I am on the first page of Google and have traffic already, doesn’t mean you can’t do it right? Think of me as your friend and trainer rather than someone who has done something unattainable. This leads to my final point…

# Entrepreneurs do…

It is amazing the people I meet that say they want something in life but don’t actually DO anything to make it happen… DO you know these guys? Amazing how it works isn’t it? Crazy people and crazy times… Entrepreneurs have the drive and ambition to just work and work and work until they get where they want to go. They don’t give up at the first hurdle. I mean there will always be hurdles right. If you have good mentors, they will be there for you to get over these hurdles. Man, just get out there and do it! I hope you enjoyed my post about Entrepreneurial skills today and add any thoughts in the comments below. I love to hear them! Cheers, Colin ‘The Aussie Abroad’

SEO Australia- The Re-up!

SEO Australia


You might be looking into SEO in Australia for a number of reasons.

As a small business owner myself (based online)I am an Aussie withagreat need for SEO!

If you are a website owner as well and are not finding the search engine results of your site in its great place, then you may be facing some problems with the optimization of your site.

This is the main reason that you should consider thinking about when deciding on getting the services of a SEO expert in Australia or not.

Most business today need some sort of online presence and SEO really ties in majorly with that.


Why You Need the Services of SEO Australia.

When you get the services of SEO Australia, you are creating the right decision since you are trying to improve the ranking of your website naturally.

SEO takes money to start but once established creates free traffic to your site. Your pages rank and people click on them themselves!

The services involve the optimization or modification of the important features of the website such as codes, contents and the entire site itself. This is to make your website turn into something and more relevant to what it is offering readers, visitors and potential buyers.

Through the use of SEO services, service providers can also use any external resources that can help in making a website more visible and later on increase its return of investments. This is made possible by the improvements with the rankings of the site and the improving sales that contribute to the growing profits of the website.

With the professional assistance of SEO experts in Australia, there is a great chance that a particular website can increase its ranking in no time and gain the positive results that they are expecting from getting this kind of service.

Types of services available in Aus

As you can see, there are alot of paid services available in Australia. I only recommend these services if you have quite a big budget to start. something like 5k and then 2k per month until your revenue starts passing that.

It is given that there are more people who are turning to the use of the internet to get some information on their queries. This is one of the main reasons why many website owners should be looking for services of SEO Australia that can meet the needs of online searchers.

The competition online is also tough and as many competitors are popping up, the rivalry only gets tougher and tougher. SEO services are just simple and natural result providers that any companies are willing to use as their strategy in putting an edge over their toughest competitors. Its use has already provided great results to different companies.

When you notice that your website is starting to go into the last rankings in either 2nd or 3rd pages, start thinking about the fastest ways on how you can reclaim the highest positions from search results.

It is necessary that you will be calling for the assistance of experts who can help you with improving the rankings of your website. This way, you are assured that you will only get the results that can improve the current ranking of your site.

There are already many website owners who consider getting services of SEO Australia for their website as it can attain an average of 90% improvements with the results of traffic and also in the results of the sale.

Website owners should take note that as their traffic increases, the level or number of the potential buyers who would be visiting their site can also increase in no time.

Having all of these facts in mind only means how important SEO services are for a certain website.

Do you need to spend HEAPS on SEO in OZ?

a guide to seo australia and what types of seo services are aviliable

I actually like SEO. I mean I dig it.

I think it is cool and something that is rewarding when you get good results and ‘pull off’ missions that you didn’t think you could.

In saying that though I outsource a lot. My main place would be fiverr, they have everything. Just be careful of their junk gigs because there are a lot of things there.

These guys are cheap and it shows that you don’t have to go out and spend 10k straight up on buiding a website. I personaly use the advice on Rob and Brad‘s websites to great success. Basically free information that will cost you something to implement.

SO basically if you are starting your own business , learning at least beginner SEO is a lot cheaper than outsourcing everything. Australia is no different to the rest of the world in that regard.


What I do personally…..

I was really struggling with SEO until i stumbled over this page. It is a beginners guide to ranking within weeks. I tweaked this and started to rank.

Isn’t it amazing how simple it is? Stop trying to complicate things!

SEO Australia can be that easy. Just bring in the best knowledge from around the world and give you the best chance of success.

If you know my story, you will know that I just come from a farm in the outback here in Australia and didn’t do anything special to get where I am today. Traveling the world is right at your fingertips trust me!!

If you want my personal plan for you to start ranking like me, plug your email in here! FREE advice instead of spending thousands for some of the best training there is atm.

It doesn’t matter what business you have, start considering SEO Australia.



Crazy Benefits of International Marketing

If you have done business both domestically and internationally, you might have already seen the benefits of International Marketing and how it can leverage your sales and customer numbers.

So what exactly am I talking about here?

The Amazing Benefits of International Business

International Marketing

International Marketing

If you know much about social media o social networking, you may realize just how MASSIVE this industry is right now. When I say there are benefits of a global market, what I am focusing on is the fact that some businesses can easily access a global market. This means that for example, you might be able to get customers from different countries by connecting with them through Face Book.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can go global. If you own some sort of on-line based business, you can connect with people in the Internet community. I mean you got here by searching for information on the web right? Or through social media or clicking on an advert. I talk to so many different people from different cultural backgrounds, it’s amazing.

The main problem with International marketing is that you need some sort of medium to connect with people.

How do you join in the International trade system?

If you want to get more customers to your business or just more people to see what you are doing, you need to plan what thing is in the middle to actually get them to your business or proposal.

benefits of international marketing

benefits of international marketing

So, now that you have finished admiring my Picasso like drawing skills, we can get back to business :)

For my on-line business my main medium is blogging and videos. I use these tools to get customers. It actually is a really simple process, it’s just some people really like to complicate things. I mean I really used to really like to do that too until I realized that it was something holding me back from success.

Here is a list of things you can use to tap into the global market.

  • Social Media -Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest (really powerful atm), Google plus and so on….
  • Blogging (exactly what I do and am an expert at)
  • Video Marketing (Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Paid traffic (Placing and tweaking ads on-line to get people to check out your deal)
  • And the list goes on….

Don’t worry if you don’t understand much of this right now. My business actually teaches you EXACTLY how to use these things to turn you into a BIG DEAL in the global networks. Do you just wish you could gain some sort of traction on the web?

Have you been worrying and wondering when your business is going to take off. Well I am here to calm you. I have been in that situation before and have all the information and tools to help you get started.

Browse through my blog or click here to contact me directly and get started today. There is no better feeling than taking action.

Catch ya!








Top Backlink Generator

Need Help With SEO? Try The Best Backlink Generator There Is!

Firstly let’s start by going through what exactly a Backlink Generator is.

If you have a Web site, it’s crucial to learn about search engine optimization if you want to get more traffic and reach your goals — no matter what your aim is to do with your site. Whether you’re selling something or reaching out to people, here are some tips for using better backlinks and SEO to get seen.

If you are new to SEO and backlinking and in the end making money, I NEED to give you this EMBARRASSING tip before I start…

CONFESSION TIME – A massive error I make with backlink generation!

So after watching that video you should know the importance of backlinks as part of your SEO strategy. I know I certainly do, now that I know how to actually rank on the first page of Google.

So here are some more tips about backlinking and how to do it. I will talk about a tool that will save you a lot of time below.

How to Generate Backlinks Manually – the SLOW way.

  • Writing and posting reviews for your product are a great way to increase your traffic. By creating a review of the product, targeting the product keywords and getting backlinks to the review to enhance its search rating, you can create a mindset for buying and direct those viewers appropriately.
  • Boost your website’s SEO by visiting “.edu” domains and creating backlinks on their blogs and forums. Also search for .edu sites in need of sponsorship. Search engines favour .edu websites and sites with numerous backlinks. Make sure that the comments you leave on these websites are relevant and not a hard sell for your company or product. These sites are essential when backlinking.
  • Blog Commenting. This technique was once effective but isn’t really anymore. As of late 2014, Google’s algorithms don’t really respect blog commenting anymore. It is now seen more of a spam thing where people post generalised comments and don’t actually read your content before commenting. I know this happens a lot. As a website owner however, I know that it is a good thing to have interaction with your blog posts or pages. The first time I had a real comment on my blog, I was over the moon lol, never forget it. A backlink generator can save you a lot of hassle with this.
  • Forum Posting. This is when you participate in discussion on highly regarded web forums. You can leave a backlink and people can either click on it or it will give you a better look in Google. More respect. This can take a lot of time and is for someone with more time and less money. As with all start-up businesses, you need to realise exactly where money will be spent before you start.
  • Article Marketing. Where you submit article to high ranking article sites like ezinearticles and get a backlink plus instant exposure to your business. Can be time consuming and is a technique that is also seen as spam more in recent months. There are simply way too many people trying to do this and it can be very difficult to get an article submitted to these sites now.
  • When creating backlinks to your website in order to increase your web site’s search engine ranking, remember which factors determine the value of a link. A quality backlink depends on the anchor text in the link, the pagerank of the page linking to your website, the page title of the page linking to your website, the reputation and quality of the website linking to your website and the method used to create the backlink.

So what If I told you that there is one BIG DOG tool to save all this…

One Backlink Generator to save all the time consuming work from above!

If you are struggling understanding backlinks and getting time to do decent ones, the best backlink generator out there out there is called Senuke X. It is simply an on-line master. It is so powerful that you have to be very careful when using it though.

the best backlink generator to use for seo

the best backlink generator

You will really need to go through the instructions and use this tool sparingly or your backlink generatior doesn’t look authentic. In all seriousness, be careful.

The types of backlinks it can get your blog or website URL are:

  • Forums
  • Social Media Bookmarks
  • Web 2.0
  • RSS feeds
  • No follow/do follow
  • .edu and .gov
  • High PR sites
  • The list goes on. Basically it gives you a wide range of all the highest quality backlinks you can get. If you Senuke blast your site after using the smaller software listed below and don’t rank, then you have little chance of ranking.

Senuke has been around for a long time and has proven success with ranking your great content and as the top backlink generator. Don’t try and spam, it simply won’t work!

Other great quality back-linking software that I PERSONALLY use!

Here is a list of other software I use all the time to generate backlinks for this blog and also others.

I use this software at different times when I want the rank of a particular blog post to rise. It is a much easier way to get back-links than spending a whole lot of time getting a few links per day.

As I mentioned above though, this software is to be used sparingly and to get only the links you need. There is no point looking silly in Google AND spending a whole lot of cash you don’t need on other things when you can use these tools sparingly. A great list I use to know HOW to use these tools is from a mentor of mine, Rob Fore.

ONE more thing before you use the best backlink generator.

Before you can use this tool, you need the right blogging platform to use and the right keywords as well. This all sounds really confusing right? Well that’s why I show people this system that I use to go from ZERO knowledge about Internet marketing to transforming into an expert who can market and make money when ever you want. You can then use the best backlink generator to rank your content.

Sound like the thing you want?

You can click here to get your SET-UP, DONE FOR YOU blogging platform today for only $25 and get on your way to…

  1. The front page of Google
  2. Traffic to your blog
  3. Leads to your business
  4. And finally SALES and money in your pocket.

If you are a beginner marketer, you really need this done for you system starting with the blog and then the training and mentors SHOWING you the way they have had success. It got me to the front page of Google and it can get you there too.

As for the best backlink generator, it is also a necessity to get you there (again use sparingly particularly with a new site)



‘The Aussie Abroad’

Empower Network Income Disclosure

Let’s all Get Paid to Blog

Using Technology As A Unique Blogging Base

Do you want to Get Paid to Blog?

There are quite a few steps when learning about how to get paid to blog.

You just can’t start off going all crazy and thinking that you can just create something from nothing. This probably won’t happen.

Have you got a lot of friends who are maybe like this and kind of get all over the place when it comes to blogging????

Let’s go through the steps.

First Step – Build Your blog

Get a good service to start blogging on.

The Best thing to blog with is Empower Network. Click here to get their platform now.

The best platform is essential to get traffic and just climb all over your competition. I simply can’t stress than enough to you.

The second thing to do is to get busy working out how to use this platform easily.

Second Step – Creating Content

You will need to write one article of somewhere 500-1200 words per day for 90-110 days to have any chance of ranking and going on to make money.

That is the simple truth.

So get out there and get busy. Here is my guide on how to blog to help you.

You haveto get out and get busy. If you are hungry and determined you will reach this goal easily.

Third Step Getting Traffic

Get paid to blog – Colin Burnett


This is the most important step where most people fail. You don’t want to end up in Google’s Sandbox right?get paid to blog

Getting traffic is obviously the hardest part of blogging. Anyone can just whack up a simple site but getting results is another thing. You need to go out and just get the knowledge and people to help you do this for sure.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business and there is no reason why you can’t get out there and do stuff.

Fourth Step – Tweaking and Converting

You need to convert your traffic into customers.

For example, I get paid to blog at the moment. I am not a millionaire as yet but look forward to the day I become one!

If you also want to get paid to blog, here is the system that I use…

——->You can get paid while blogging too<——-

Remember that you want to attract readers to your page; that is the point of blogging after all.

If you really do stick with the things that you are interested in, your life will end up a whole lot easier.

Get really serious about your blog and make sure that you are passionate about what ever you do. If you feel that you aren’t putting enough effort in, then maybe you can outsource some of that stuff.

All great entrepreneurs will do that occasionally and there is no reason why not to.

The main thing to remember is stay focused no matter WHAT happens in life.

So have fun and let’s all get paid to Blog!



What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing by Robert Kiyosaki

August 2014 Update!

Some great advice there from Robert Kiyosaki.

I remember when I first started following him lol. He really OFFENDED me!

I was like come on man, how can you say this stuff and have so many customers and followers. The truth is though that I needed that!

I really needed someone to just tell me the truth. I realised that I had to forget most of what I had already learned and that I should start learning some things that will make me successful. I didn’t always think like that…

As a teenager, back on the farm, I had a bigger ego than some men ever have. I was kind of built up like that from school, friends and my Dad too. Bless his soul but he really just struggles in life because of his ego. He kind of thinks that he needs to re-invent the wheel instead of just letting his ego go and using something that someone has already invented and what works well.

It really hurts his results both in his personal and business life.

So here is another more nuts and bolts vid for you explaining this business model…

How does MLM and such ACTUALLY work?

As you can see in the pic, the wealthiest people in the world look for and build networks. It is true isn’t it? Think about it? Even your local cafe owner has a network of accountants, lawyers, bankers, employees…the list goes on!

So Network marketing is about finding and building your own network. The end goal is that you have a team that help you make money but also support you in a lot of areas of your life.

Isn’t it great to have people to rely on?

If you are a really one out type of person, you might be struggling right now. I am not saying all people like that struggle but it is often the case.

I  know because I used to be that guy.

Anyway ‘What is network Marketing?’ can be answered like this…

  • Basically you start or join a company that allows you and a lot of others to become affiliates and resell these products.
  • You start to create a network of customers that might stay with you your whole life. Imagine how much power this could give you in the industry.
  • You create a list of people who trust you and will basically buy off you on demand.
  • Start making profits and could possibly make more money than your job or quit your job etc…
  • Grow your business so you have millions of dollars of revenue a year and stuff like that! Big possibilities!

So now that you know the basics, you need to know the truth…

Most people actually fail at this.

You need to be very good to get network marketing to work for you. Guys like David Wood and Mike Dillard are examples of millionaires from network marketing who started with very humble beginnings.

You need to start learning and implementing your knowledge. Basically  if you run out of money or motivation before you start earning much…your business will fail. It is the same with any old business!

So without further ado, here is Mr R Kiyosaki talking about what he thinks is the perfect business. It is one of those things where you simply have to build your knowledge and be good at this and you will reap the rewards.

Robert Kiyosaki The Perfect Business | Network Marketing

As he says, you can really change your life…it’s just up to you…

I’m not one of those spiritual guys that goes into the laws of the universe or whatever though.

I’m just saying this… You train to be a doctor or lawyer or tradesman right?

So why don’t you just train to be rich then??

It is just a matter of doing it and some people like me really needed a big kick up the butt to stop thinking I knew everything and that I needed to keep learn…..

what is network marketing by robert kiyosaki

what is network marketing

So now that you know what network marketing is…..do you want to WIN?

If you are similar to me and really want to get ahead in life, there are options out there for you.

I personally build my on-line business using blogs and other paid techniques and have started making money on-line…

The fact that I have started making money gives me a massive amount of confidence to just keep plugging along.

It isn’t easy to get a big following on-line but the ideas are simple…

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can get rich too.

I am an affiliate of Empower Network (I make money selling their products and education people). I have to legally say that they have an average earnings disclosure at the bottom of their website pages if you think you will instantly get rich with them.

The truth is though that I make money with them and some people make a lot of money with them.

More money than you are peobably thinking right now. Money like 6 figures a month for established business men. Here is their average earnings disclosure.

So the truth is that Network marketing does WORK!

It is also true though that you need to sacrifice some parts of your life and really commit and focus in on your goals…

The rewards can be exponential though…

I hope you got something from my ‘What is network marketing post today…

IF you have any questions, theories or comments, please leave them below.

I also have more information available at my FREE training blog here.



P.S.I really want you to get ‘What is Network Marketing?’ because it is one of those deals…..it is something that can be very profitable for you at the moment if you invest in it. So I want you to get serious and think about the future and the possibilities!!

Make money on Ebay

How to – Make money on Ebay!

Make money on Ebay…sound too good to be true?

Have you ever thought about trying to make maybe a little or even a lot using EBay?

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never really given it much though. Let’s jump straight in and take a look at how to make money this way more closely…

Here is an example of a GREAT way you can make money on Ebay!

This guy is Pumped isn’t he! Well why shouldn’t he be?

As he says, making money on Ebay can be duplicated easier than other Internet Marketing Companies.

If you are an Internet Marketer yourself, you may find it painful to see guys struggling to get places on the Internet. Cashflow can also be a major problem. I know I struggled when I first started to get positive cashflow.

I’ll let a great mentor of mine, Rob Fore explian more.

Rob Fore’s take on DS Domination – Drop Shipping on Ebay

Now Rob Fore has a great reputation when it comes to knowing how to make money on the Internet. When i first saw this video, I really sat up and took notice.

I did some checking around for myself and decided to join as well.

Is this opportunity available for everyone now? YES it is as Rob said above.

You can also login yourself and have the chance to start drop shipping…

———->Join up here and enjoy the support that I get.<———–

Now there are other ways you can make money online such as…

-> One convenient way to make money online is to start writing. There are many different sites that will pay you to create content for various people. If you have done well in writing courses before, this could be ideal for you. You can get paid to write blog posts and more.

->Tasks that do not require a great deal of attention can be found online. Especially simple tasks on websites, such as Mechanical Turk. Do a few tasks while you’re watching television. Don’t expect to break the bank with this technique, but you can make some of your time online pay off instead of being time completely wasted.

BUT, don’t you want to make a decent income?

When you are in a hurry to make money, reading about the topic may seem frustrating. The fact is that the more you know, the faster and better you will be at bringing in income. This article has given you the foundation you need, so build on it with experience and more learning.

Again, You can join up with me right here by clicking this banner.


how to make money on ebay


So I hope you now know one method of how to make money on Ebay!

As Rob said above, the reality is that only a small percentage actually put the work in to make money on line.

I hope you join me in 2014 and make money off Ebay too!



‘The Aussie Abroad’ (Currently in -2 degrees Celsius conditions in Munich, Germany)

:) Hope you are smiling too.


Market Samurai

  • A Complete Overview to Market Samurai

Are you familiar with Market Samurai? If not, this is the perfect time for you to get a really good understanding on what this is.

I am an Internet Marketer and I want to share with you the tools that I use for success. So let me explain more aboutthis tool in this video.

We can then go into more depth about this tool!

Dude, What is Market Samurai?


Well, Market Samurai can be defined as SEO research tool that usually focuses on search engine optimization as well as it has the ability to help the user to eliminate the unnecessary steps that will bog down your website reach.

Market Samurai is also a kind of service that comes with easy navigation when you buy full version.

So here are some points about Market Samurai….

  • If you are one of those clients who wants to use the Market Samurai service, you will not have difficulty using it since you can be sure that you will easily find the appropriate keywords that you need for your SEO site. According to researches, the Market Samurai service is also a considered one of the best keyword generators.


  • With the existence of Market Samurai on your SEO site, you can easily track ranking of keywords, buy domains as well as the target keywords. The Market Samurai is also the one that is responsible for finding the variations of root keywords that are commonly applied on your website while it shows you the popularity of every keyword on the search results. However, Market Samurai is also associated with pros and cons that you also need to know and learn more about.


If you have a website that is creatively designed and developed for Internet purposes and business, the appropriate keywords are highly recommended. With the help of Market Samurai, you can be sure that your website is visible and can be easily located by your potential clients. The SEO tools of Market Samurai are just limited to research tools and keyword and it doesn’t has the potential to generate valuable data and reports about the content. Market Samurai does not provide their users with customizable reports, link inbound tracking and monitoring of social media.

In order to make sure that you fully understand Market Samurai, here are some of the pros and cons that you should be aware of:

The Pros of Market Samurai

• Market Samurai is considered as one of the awesome research tools that can easily be installed in any platforms and this is one of the reasons why most of the users of this research tool are all fulfilled with the great features of it.

• The research tool which Market Samurai has the ability to help you in detecting your profitable markets. It will also help you to find excellent keywords that will suit the needs of your site as well as promote and analyze your site.

• According to some people who already use this research tool, it is perfectly designed to meet your marketing needs and expectations. Apart from some of the advantages of Market Samurai, it is very normal that it also have disadvantages and it is very important that you are also aware about some of the cons of Market Samurai that you might encounter especially when you make use of it on your site. The Cons of Market Samurai

• Some of the users stated that this research tool runs slowly and the tool will require you to update your Adobe Air. When you install it on your computer, there’s a high chance that your computer will run slowly.

• When you are loading and generating the results, your computer will hang for several times and this is one of the reasons why it will take you hours before you will get the search results that you are looking for. •

There are also users stated that Market Samurai is inefficient to use. The Excellent Features of Market Samurai With the great features of Market Samurai, you can be sure that you can stay on the 1st page of the search rank. This tool is creatively designed to meet the needs of SEO guru, webmaster and blogger.

Here are some of the excellent features of Market Samurai that you will surely love:

Rank Tracker

This is one of the great features of this tool and it has the ability to allow the user to easily track their search engine site and rankings for a specific keyword. In this way, you are given the chance to foresee the progress of your keywords. SEO Competition SEO competition is a kind of module that has the potential to show you the top 10 specific keyword on Google and this is one of the reasons why most people really love to purchase Market Samurai. By using this tool on your site, you can easily determine the leading keyword and you are given a chance to beat them.

Keyword Tracker Market Samurai will also offer their users with the so called sarcasm or also known as keyword tracker. In order to get the information, you must have a login via Google. This feature is considered as a powerful alternative and is easy to utilize. Domains In this feature of Market Samurai, it will greatly help you to easily buy and find keyword that you can make use on your site. The excellent features of Market Samurai that are stated above will greatly help you to obtain your actual ranking in your search engine results. If you are one of those marketers today, this particular tool will be the ultimate answer to your specific needs. Since it is widely available today, it is very important that you avail it from a professional provider to make sure that you will come up with the best possible outcomes that you ought to receive.

You can also browse the web and you still want to gather valuable information and comprehensive review about Market Samurai and rest assured that you will various websites that will offer you with this exceptional search tool.

Explore the real world of Market Samurai and be astounded with the great features of it. Start your research today and get what you require.

I look forward to doing business with you!


Colin Burnett

WorldVentures Review

WorldVentures Review

What exactly is this company and is it worth doing a WorldVentures review?

Well I am not personally affiliated with WorldVentures and only heard about them after they merged with an old Internet Marketing company called Numis Network. Numis is the old coin company where people were encouraged and trained on how to buy and sell coins.

Here is s a bit of a CRAZY video…It’s from a World Ventures Event.

WorldVentures Review -What do they do exactly?

If you are still wondering what the heck these guys do, except from just hyping everything up and dressing up on stage, here is a quote from one of their sites.

What is WorldVentures?
Founded, December 10, 2005, WorldVentures is a company whose mission to create more fun, freedom and fulfillment in people’s lives through the merging of great life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development and contribution.

So that really cleared things up didn’t it. Warren Buffet says he doesn’t invest in things he doesn’t understand so I obviously recommend that you do a lot more digging than just watching that video above before joining.

I come from a farm originally so I don’t really like hype and showy people. I think you are either born like that or not. That is just a personal preference so don’t take offense to that If I struck you.

I am heavy on my ideas about life but also malleable…..I mean you have to keep learning right? I have seen too many people fail because of their egos and so on.

So what do I know about WorldVentures?

worldventures review

As The above quote said, the company has been around for a while and has also produced a lot of income for a lot of people. I should rephrase that, the people have put in the work and made money by bringing people in or selling products from WorldVentures. That’s a typical Network Marketing company. There are also always the talks about pyramid schemes but I have never seen or suggested that this is an unethical company in any way.

I have also found this video explaining how you can exactly make income with WorldVentures.

As with any MLM company they have a system which affiliates are paid. There are a lot of different systems and some are actually better than others. The truth is though that you have to get out there and build your own business before you can take advantage of any compensation plan.

WorldVentures Compensation Plan Explained.

So there are good and bad parts of every compensation plan but this is the explanation of how this one works.

There are also good and bad parts about any company. It is just like that. WorldVentures probably has some really good leaders, after all it has lasted a while on-line now and would have been subject to a lot of investigations and law-suits by now. That can be the difficult thing for start-up businesses for sure.

This WorldVentures Review goes on about the company itself and how it is all put together.

Not being involved with WV, I don’t know what the culture is like inside the company so If you join, you will know more than me. There are a lot of MLM  companies out there and this is just one that could make you a lot of money. Again, you have to find your own customers like any business. The process may seem scary but most companies hold your hand and point you in the right direction nowadays when starting out.

Will I be joining WorldVentures?

The short answer to that is ‘NO’. Definitely not at the moment. I am involved with starting my business and won’t be recommending my customers get involved with this company. That’s not saying the company is bad, well at least I don’t know if it’s bad. The thing is that I want you to focus on one thing at a time.

One of my great mentors, Rob Fore constantly reminds me to set up one company at a time and give each one your full focus.

So this blog is one of my goals as well. Since starting this blog, I have brought its Alexa rank down from around 18 million to well under one million as we speak. When It actually started bring me leads, that was a massive breakthrough! So there is a lot to look forward to when you have high end goals set.

I personally, am building this blog at present and won’t be giving any more attention to this company here in the near future. I want this blog to be ranked under 50 000 on Alexa by the end of January. Will that be possible? Yes for sure it is possible, I just need to get out there and make sure I constantly improve it and so on.

You too can do something like I am doing as I am only copying my mentors as well. SO I look forward to your success and hope to keep in touch…

I hope you took heaps from my WorldVentures Review.








Best Motivational Books -Aussie Style!

Hey there! Here is my guide to the best motivational books you can buy.

How cool that you are into reading…

It is becoming a lost art with the new technologies BUT it is very, very powerful how it can transform your life.

Let me take you back in time with this mysterious video….

How I use the Best Motivational Books and get RESULTS?

It’s quite cool how they used to live isn’t it. I come from the country here in Queensland, Australia and like to think that I have a connection to the land as well. It is something that you really can’t describe.

I know my childhood was unique. I mean did you grow up 90 km away from the nearest town hehe?

So with farming practices as well, knowledge is generally passed down through the generations as well. Some of it is written and some of it is verbal….

We all advise different people based on our experiences right? Well its the traditional habit of people how they developed books and journals to contain that information. The information keeps society running and the knowledge present. Crazy how things work right?

So why do we need MOTIVATIONAL books?????

It is often true that we struggle doing something without having some kind of support. Do you know that feeling?

Maybe you are trying to make money online and just have no clue what you are doing.

Therefore you need help to increase your knowledge! Then you will have a way bigger chance of succeeding.

So building your knowledge involves a lot of training and training involves reading books. It really doesn’t matter how you learn, you might even like to listen to audio instead of reading but the knowledge is there!

Motivational books in particular can drag you up to new heights that you never knew were possible before. Motivation is a crazy thing and if it’s backed by a grinding consistency then you are destined for big things. If you consistently follow your dreams, you have a big chance of having massive success.

Do you read much? You should you know. I don’t want to sound like this serious guy who always tells you what to do lol but seriously, it’s very important as part of your personal development.

What is your favourite book of all time?

Here are my personal favourite best motivational books…

Best Motivational Books

Best Motivational Books

I really want you to understand just how much knowledge a book can contain. Some books have most of the knowledge that some person has got in a lifetime. Isn’t that just crazy?

The whole idea of writing a book was to have information written down that can be kept and passed on.

It is still the case today.

I can’t force you to read but I recommend you start…period!

You can make it fun too, I mean life is meant to be fun right?

Just do what you enjoy, why not?

My Best & Favourite Success Books of All Time!

#1 The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

This book has been around a long time and just oozes knowledge. It is heavy for a reason lol.

First published in 1980,it is a part fictional story about the life of the author Dan Millman.

It is really inspiring the way someone transforms when they are hanging around the right people. Again going back to the original inhabitants of Australia, there were tribal elders for a reason. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is just feeling lost right now…

Are you kind of at a crossroads in life? I can remember back about 4 years ago when  I had a major turning point in my life, books like this really helped me.

Read more about Way of the Peaceful Warrior here.

For some this is known as THE Best Motivational book on the market.

#2 The Science of Getting Rich

This book is for people who are deadly serious about their business!

It goes over the complete process of changing your mindset first then getting rich financially second. It really is that simple. The proof is in the pudding though and it takes a lot of work to get rich.

Here is what Amazon said about The Science of Getting Rich.

Wallace D. Wattles introduced the world to the power of positive thinking. He was a profound influence on Michael Losier and James Arthur Ray. With out Wattles “Science Of” trilogy there never would have been books such as The Secret, The Laws of Attraction, and the Power of Positive Thinking. Now you can go directly to the source with this easy to understand lesson book on using the Laws of Attraction to attract wealth. A Thrifty Book is a well designed, easy to read book at an unbeatable price.

I love how this really sets the record straight about things like the law of attraction and tells the truth about getting rich..

Get it!

#3 Think and Grow Rich

This is another personal favourite of mine and is world renowned as basically the best motivational book out there.

It deals with the serious truth of life and how sometimes you really do need to get out there and  discover some new things. I personally really needed to read this a few years ago…

It is similar to most of these books in that it is a heavy read. There is no point beating around the bush, it really takes a lot of energy and passion to be successful.

Think and Grow Rich is the best motivational book in my mind. If you are serious and dedicated to having a really successful life then get this and make a start. As one of my good friends Tony Rush one said…

If you aren’t embarrassed about who you were a year ago,you aren’t learning fast enough. Take MASSIVE action’

#4 Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset

I have to be honest here, I am only half way through reading this book at the time of writing this. That was one of the main reasons that I included it here.

This book shows and proves to you that becoming a millionaire is achievable all you have to do is change your mindset and then TAKE massive action and the results will start to flow.

I like to always point out that reading books ALONE won’t make you rich. Sometimes it is easy to get hung up on that.

Motivational books to help you get rich

#5 The Thrillionaire

I put this here last for a reason!

It really inspired me to start taking steps towards my dream back when I thought my life wasn’t going to amount to much.My mindset was that bad that I had no vision into the future.

Nik Halik being an Aussie is a personal favourite of mine and someone who lives life to the full but also has steady Internet business and investment interests.

He alone got me going….I needed this book…without it,who knows where I would be!

Here is one review on Amazon about this book…

Nik Halik’s book, The Thrillionaire, will change your life! Nik not only shares his own epic adventures with you, but offers wisdom, motivation, and advice on how to make your own life an epic, extraordinary adventure! You owe it to yourself to read The Thrillionaire by Nik Halik.

So this guy is the ultimate example of someone who has a powerful mind. He has simply done what he always wanted and has become a very knowledgeable man over time…

One HUGE final tip…

I know I talk about it a lot but just reading this best motivational books isn’t enough, you need to then follow up…

You need to go out and implement this action like these authors have.

So use my list of best motivational books to get your life where you want it to be starting….



Colin Burnett