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I don’t want to bore you, blogging is what you make it yeah!?

Anyway check out this video of me on one of my recent travels….

Me Chilling out in Florida.

So I’m Colin Burnett anyway from North Queensland. Yes I talk with the typical Aussie accent…lol. So I’m one of the new generation Aussie guys on-line. We don’t copy EVERYTHING from the US but we definitely use their world class training and stuff like that…

I actually come from a farming / ranching or cattle station background so had little to do with the Internet until my mid twenties. What am I talking about I’m still only 27….

I have really put a lot of work in between traveling  in the last year and become a master blogger. I can rank content and in end-effect make money. I can’t say I make millions of dollars a year yet…..yes I said yet. That is my goal though. My end goal is to be a billionaire before I’m 60. I’m on a mission so if you wan come with me, jump on board my team.

You Can join my team right here.

I love people with goals.

I have have big dog mentors who have done things that I want to do and I’m doing it as well.

If you clicked on that link above and got in with me I have to mention that income obviously isn’t guaranteed with Empower Network as well. It is a business opportunity, not a job. The income potential is far greater than a job and what you probably ever imagined but I can’t guarantee you will work to get your business started.

So back to my story. I’m not self centered at all and am not used to talking about myself but I want to get to know you and you me. That will help us work together….a win win.

I grew up on a farm but travel a lot now. I spent a long time after school working for a family business and for a long period I wasn’t paid.

That’s the short of it.

That’s why now I just do what I want. I’m focused on my goals but those goals include helping people all around me!

So check out more blogs of mine and leave your comments and I’ll get back to you.




If you have read through to here, I know you are really serious about creating a better life for yourself.

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Very important step there.

I had NO success before I focused down on blogging and making videos to market my business.

So those 3 steps are yll you need to get started on the right track to success. Talk to me if you need any help!!






Details Concerning Vitamins And Minerals That You Won’t Find Elsewhere

If you want to enjoy the rest of your life, keeping excellent wellness is important. An essential component of this procedure is making of course that you are getting enough of the appropriate vitamins as well as minerals. If you need some excellent advice on doing so, maintain reading. This short article is chock-full of helpful suggestions.

Excellent bone health and wellness begins with calcium. You need Vitamin D in order to help your body soak up calcium. You can offer on your own vitamin D via foods, supplementation and straight exposure to sunlight. Regardless of exactly how you consume vitamin D, it will aid with the absorption of calcium in your body.

Of all the resources of vitamin Cow, d and also sunshine’s milk are really high in strength as well as conveniently soaked up. You require a vitamin D supplement if you do not consume milk or spend time outdoors. When it comes to maintaining your bones strong, vitamin D plays a significant part.

Does your body hurt but the factor eludes you? An effective way of removing those pains is to add vitamins right into your diet. Fish oil and also vitamin E both have the capacity to aid muscle mass feel much better.

It is not a good idea to merely purchase a bottle of the most affordable vitamin\/mineral supplement you could locate on the rack. A number of these supplements are made with chemical replacements of the all-natural nutrient you need. Prior to you invest your money in any kind of supplement, do your research study so you could make a smart decision.

As grownups, most of us know how important minerals and vitamins are to our diets but exactly what about our children? In spite of the energy they frequently have, they are shedding away exactly what the body should promote health and battle off infection. Remember to provide your kid vitamins in order for them to maintain good wellness throughout the growing years.

These drinks all have high levels of caffeine, which could keep your body from soaking up specific vitamins as well as minerals like iron. They could additionally cause you to increase secretion of water-soluble vitamins in your urine.
I would like to know if it’s possible to know about low cost segway hoverboard.

When buying vitamins, constantly inspect the expiration date on the package before you get them. Vitamins have a shelf life and do not last forever. Storage time, direct exposure to light as well as temperature could all impact the top quality of vitamins as well as more reduce the expiry day. So make certain that you are buying high quality vitamins that have not expired.

Have you ever discovered that despite exercising, taking your body building supplements as well as consuming healthy that you tend to get ill more frequently compared to others who don’t damage their back to advertise a healthy body? Try adding even more of the vital vitamins to your supplement doses. You are burning even more fuel compared to others hence more lacking in these vitamins and also minerals so you should eat greater than the typical individual.

Do you currently have some nutrient deficiencies? You need to see your doctor for a blood test to find out if you typically aren’t sure. Whether it is B12 or calcium, understanding exactly what nutrients you need to mass up on will aid you to quickly really feel far better compared to ever in the past.

The ideal means to obtain vitamins and also minerals is via your diet regimen. Superfoods are high in a variety of minerals as well as vitamins.

By now you need to be far better educated concerning locating the vitamins and minerals that you need forever wellness. Shopping for these items could be complicated if you have not made the effort to learn more concerning them. By reading this short article, you have prepared on your own for this essential task.

You need Vitamin D to aid your body take in calcium. No matter exactly how you ingest vitamin D, it will help with the absorption of calcium in your body.

If you do not drink milk or spend time outdoors, you need a vitamin D supplement. You are shedding far much more gas compared to others thus much more lacking in these vitamins and also minerals so you need to eat even more compared to the ordinary individual.

By now you must be much better educated regarding discovering the vitamins and minerals that you require for excellent wellness.

Required Wonderful Nourishment Details? Try These Tips!

Excellent nourishment is a crucial element of living a more than happy and also healthy and balanced life. It is the foundation for your body to have the numerous nutrients required for energy, rest, and a sharp mind. There are several easy ways to integrate good nourishment right into your way of living to aid you maintain a high level of task.

This one is for you if you such as to drink soft drink pop. You could make your very own easy fruit juice sodas by mixing 1 component of your favorite juice with 2 parts carbonated water (soda or seltzer is great). Merely include a little bit a lot more juice if it’s not sweet sufficient. This tastes really excellent with grape, cranberry, apple, or peach juices. Lemon or lime functions as well, so long as you integrate it with a pleasant juice such as apple. By consuming this rather, you minimize the number of the calories per beverage, and it has the included positive aspect of giving you the additional minerals and vitamins that are naturally in the fruit juice.

Mama always claimed to eat your potato skins as well as apple peels. She was. It’s uncertain whether, as she used to say \”all the vitamins are in the skin,\” it is real that eating the peels of lots of fruits and vegetables gives the added nourishment of the food’s fiber. Certainly, it is necessary to completely clean vegetables and fruits whose skin or peel you intend to eat – or even better, if you can pay for to, buy natural.

Everybody ought to have their vitamin D level inspected at the very least annually. If they want their doctor could recommend a supplement to increase their degree. Although vitamin D is supplemented in milk, lots of people do not consume enough to obtain the quantity they need. The other primary resource of vitamin D is from sunlight. Since people in north countries have much less sun exposure throughout the year they are particularly susceptible to shortage. Extensive sunscreen usage has actually added to low degrees of vitamin D additionally.

Attempt to substitute healthy alternatives for fatty or sweet foods you delight in. For example, rather than a bowl of ice lotion, you could have some yogurt with fruit. Rather of french fries, try fifty percent of a baked potato. You do not have to reduce out all the great tasting food in your life, simply make more healthy options about exactly what the delicious things you do eat.

Attempt acquiring your vegetables and fruits at a farmer’s market near you. Not just do locally-grown foods have a marginal influence on the setting, yet they are likewise a lot better for you, given that tiny farms normally utilize less harmful chemicals. It’s enjoyable to stroll around and also example all the delicious fruits as well as veggies. Reverse with the farmers to ensure you recognize exactly where and how the food was produced.

To change the shoddy treats you might have formerly brought right into the house, stock up on a range of easy-to-eat fruits that you can get when supper is a methods off and you or your household are starving. Great instances would be berries, grapes, apples reduced right into pieces as well as maintained in acidulated water, and also tiny or infant bananas. The use of arginine (L-arginine) to improve heart health. Find out where it comes from, if supplementation works, and its possible side effects. Maintaining the fruit in clear containers in the refrigerator, or on the counter, will enhance its \”curb appeal.\\”.

If you are holding a lunch, and also you intend to keep the food as healthy and balanced as possible, consider serving a healthy variation of tuna salad. Tuna is reduced in calories, rich in protein, as well as is a fantastic selection for getting omega-3 fatty acids.

As you can see, excellent nourishment is very easy to incorporate right into your everyday dishes, guaranteeing that you have the vitamins and also minerals your body longs for. Take care of on your own today and in the years ahead by making nutritious intake a routine part of your program. You are worthy of the optimal nutrition every day.

You could make your own basic fruit juice sodas by blending 1 component of your favored juice with 2 components carbonated water (soft drink water or seltzer is great). By drinking this rather, you lower the number of the calories each beverage, as well as it has actually the included advantage of providing you the additional vitamins as well as minerals that are normally in the fruit juice.

It’s unclear whether, as she utilized to say \”all the vitamins are in the skin,\” it is true that consuming the peels of several fruits and also veggies offers the included nourishment of the food’s fiber. Of course, it’s vital to completely clean fruits as well as veggies whose skin or peel you prepare to consume – or far better yet, if you could manage to, buy natural.

Attempt purchasing your fruits and vegetables at a farmer’s market near you.

Tips On The best ways to Filter Your Back Pain

Muscular tissues injuries or pressures are the primary reasons for back pains. If you have any kind of damages to your tendons or any kind of muscle pressure, you can trouble your back. The complying with article will certainly offer you with suggestions to take care of your back discomfort. 2016’s best inversion table at the best prices. Though it can be hard to handle at times, pain in the back is usually not a long-term problem.

Apply topical discomfort relievers to help eliminate neck and back pain. Various lotions, oils, gels as well as medicated spots are offered that can be used to the location of the back that harms in order to provide pain relief. Several could be discovered over the counter, however some could just be acquired from a doctor or by prescription.

As a basic rule, softer mattresses cause even more back discomfort compared to they help relieve. While firm mattresses are the recommended kind, it is possible that a cushion that’s as well firm can likewise trigger back pain.

Consistently keep a good posture, also while you are sitting, in order to prevent unnecessary neck and back pain. A lot of folks inaccurately presume that only extensive physical activities act as the reason for a back injury. Really, wrong pose while resting for extended periods of time could cause muscular tissue damage and tightness in the back. This is a common issue for individuals dealing with their computer.

Many individuals do not recognize this, however pure nicotine impedes the flow of nutrient rich blood to back discs. This easily creates neck and back pain as well as consequently indicates smokers are very prone to neck and back pain. And also currently you could make this yet another factor if you smoke then it is advised you must quit for several factors.

Put on comfortable low-heeled footwears. The anxiety that high-heeled footwears placed on your ankle joints and even legs is transferred up your body right to your hips as well as spinal column. Comfortable shoes will certainly permit you to stand as well as stroll longer naturally, which could substantially lower your occurrence of back discomfort the next morning.

It is very important to discover the best ways to lift securely in order to prevent neck and back pain and injury. When you lift safely, you utilize the big muscles in your legs to save your back. Bend at the knees, suck your belly in and maintain the thing close to your body as you lift.

Laying pleasantly could not be the finest thing for your back. Slouching can really feel instead loosening up, however it is very important not to do this because it works your muscular tissues tougher than it does when you do not slouch.

Get out your headsets if you suffer from back discomfort! Researches show that music treatment decreases disability from stress and anxiety, discomfort as well as depression. Songs could even have a little, instant result on reducing discomfort. Do some research study to learn what kinds of music are most restorative.

For severe neck and back pain, see a physical specialist. Consult your physician and even if he or she believes it is an excellent idea, they can probably suggest a great one for you. A physiotherapist can instruct you workouts and even techniques to assist you manage your particular sort of neck and back pain.

Most property owners alive understand what neck and back pain is like. A bunch of home owner remember a time when they had pain in the back, and also many others are attempting to manage their pain in the back right currently. This short article consisted of some friendly suggestions for handling neck and back pain; it depends on you to follow them. Constantly keep up your self-care regimen, and filter your back.

Muscular tissues injuries or pressures are the major sources for back discomforts. Apply topical discomfort reducers to aid soothe back discomfort. As a basic guideline, softer mattresses cause longer back pain compared to they help alleviate. While company bed mattress are the favored type, it is feasible that a mattress that’s as well firm could additionally trigger back pain. A whole lot of individuals bear in mind a time when they had back discomfort, and also several others are attempting to manage their back discomfort right now.

Meeting Your Need for Rate While Saving money on Energy

You must prepare to spend a lot of cash on gas if you are a kind of person that suches as exotic high speed sports automobile. Sports vehicles are recognized to have big engines to achieve high quantities of rate. Having huge engines imply that it will certainly additionally eat big amounts of energy.

For the regular person, this type of auto is definitely not something that they need to drive day-to-day, especially since of the increasing prices of gas. However, why do people still salivate and save money to purchase these costly cars? Perhaps it’s because of the broadband capacity that they could capitalize on whenever they feel the need for speed, or maybe due to the fact that it’s because of the sophisticated and streamlined appearance of these vehicles.

Hybrid innovation is now being utilized to generate fuel efficient automobiles. These autos are made to be light-weight, as well as wind resistant with little engines to make the most of fuel efficiency. Hybrid automobiles are relatively sluggish due to the fact that of the little engine. Hybrid automobiles existing today are designed for city or neighborhood driving where you don’t need to take place broadband. They stated a great deal more about cheap hoverboard segway free shipping current. You have to think about that these automobiles are created to be energy reliable.

Nevertheless, car producers today are now opening up a new line of hybrid automobiles. Some already created a principle or a prototype automobile to be shown to the general public. These hybrid autos are made to attain high quantities of rate but at the very same time, benefit from the hybrid modern technology to conserve gas.

Broadband hybrid cars are being made by automobile makers today to satisfy consumers who want to go at high rates and also at the exact same time, conserve energy. The gasoline-electric engine concept is so prominent today that makers, such as Toyota and also Honda are now opening a brand-new line in their manufacturing facility that generates hybrid cars.

Significant automobile programs have shown various hybrid sporting activities vehicle ideas from various large auto producers. One is the high performance hybrid sports automobile from Mitsubishi called the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E. This hybrid principle cars is a great example of just what cars will look like in the near future.

Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Concept-E takes advantage of the hybrid technology. The front wheels are driven by the identical hybrid system.

The brand-new generation of sporting activities automobile like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E is just one of the concept hybrid sporting activities autos that are currently being talked regarding by cars fans. With the hybrid modern technology integrated into sporting activities automobiles, you will definitely conserve a bunch of money on energy while letting you incorporate fuel performance and also power done in one package deal.

Hybrid cars is definitely the cars of the future. It is now feasible to have a sporting activities automobile that has the ability to save gas as well as still provide you maximum efficiency. With hybrid cars, you can now own a luxury sporting activities car that has the ability to cut energy usage. You could satisfy your speed prompts without sacrificing huge cash for fuel.

Auto manufacturers today are currently opening up a brand-new line of hybrid cars. These hybrid cars are made to achieve high amounts of speed yet at the very same time, take advantage of the hybrid modern technology to conserve gas.

Major vehicle programs have actually revealed different hybrid sporting activities vehicle ideas from various big car manufacturers. Hybrid sports auto is most definitely the sporting activities automobile of the future. With hybrid sporting activities automobile, you could now have a luxury sporting activities auto that is able to reduce gas consumption.

Improving Your Image In Social Media Advertising

Several companies make the blunder of ignoring social media. Effectively utilizing social media can really help a company.

Twitter is an outstanding system for social media advertising. When made use of appropriately, Twitter is a fantastic means to engage hundreds, and even thousands, of possible consumers right into reading your news updates and also press releases. Make the effort called for to learn about making use of keyword phrases, hashtags, as well as every little thing else there is to understand about Twitter.

To aid obtain your clients interested in your products, you ought to run promotions through social media marketing. Running promotions with this type of advertising will keep your consumers constantly notified of your products as well as likewise, maintain your company on their minds. Social network promos are an excellent way to spread out the word regarding your business.

Discover bloggers within your specific niche, and also leave comments on their blogs. The fantastic feature of comments is that you can generally leave a relate to the remark, offering viewers of that blog site a means to locate your website or blog. While sticking with blogs with larger followings is a lot more most likely to generate more website traffic for you, site visitors from smaller sized blog sites can add up.

Being a great audience is essential to success at social networks advertising and marketing. Your clients as well as your fans want to feel as though they are being listened to. Constantly attempt to react as well as allow them recognize that you got the message and they were heard when individuals comment on your articles or write to your social media accounts.

Integrate your social media marketing campaign with an e-mail campaign. Include a connect to your Facebook web page or Twitter account at the end of all of your e-mails. An additional way to motivate site visitor newsletter enrollment is to post a web link on your primary page.

Twitter enables you to set your account to make sure that any type of blog articles will be tweeted immediately. You may additionally choose a few blog writers that could publish high-grade content and also updates that include connect to their created posts. They may enjoy the promotion, as well as your followers make sure to like the outstanding material you give.
Make use of one of the most creative as well as original concepts originating from our best artists to advertise your company with a whiteboard animations.

Do not neglect to upload a connect to your site or blog on your social network profiles. If somebody finds out about your products on a social media network, they will have to have accessibility to more details and see exactly what you make use of as a storefront prior to they could decide to acquire anything.

LinkedIn permits you to have 3 web links in your account. Make friendly use of this by uploading a web link to your internet site as well as to your blog site, and also perhaps to your Facebook web page or anything you think should have more attention. If you do not believe they are getting enough brows through, do not wait to transform these web links.

You’ll have the ability to get way in advance of your competition if you make use of the suggestions you simply check out to assist you establish your social networks advertising campaign. Maintain your material fresh, existing as well as upgraded, and also remain to develop your advertising strategy with time.

Twitter is an excellent channel for social media advertising. To aid get your customers interested in your products, you need to run promotions with social media advertising. Being an excellent listener is essential to success at social media advertising. When people comment on your blog posts or compose to your social media accounts, constantly try to react and also let them understand that you received the message and they were listened to.

Incorporate your social media marketing project with an e-mail campaign.

5 COOL Article Writing Techniques for 2016!

Let’s talk Article Writing Techniques

Hey thereeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  How are you today??

I guess I’m really going through that phase of writing like thisssssssssssssss, for some reason.

It does seem to be a good way to get your point acrossssssssssssssss.

I’m only kidding right?

So that is a technique I could use to gain and keep your attention. it is fairly annoying though isn’t it. I am even annoyed reading it. Interesting article writing technique though that a mentor of mine taught me.

CRACK! Snap out of the daydream and stick with me.

Here is a video I shot to give you an insight into writing a blog post that will rank. I rank on Google and this on page stuff is essential to do it.

5 Cool Article Writing Techniques in 2016!


So let me go into more detail…

Here is the written version of what I just said in case you aren’t a video kind of person.

Article Writing Technique 1

Use a lot of rich media. Definitely have at least one Video and picture in your blog posts. This really makes a difference and breaks up the “boring text’ so that your reader keeps digging your stuff. Like I said in the video, it depends on what your target audience is but, basically everyone likes a video.

Infographics are also cool and you can make them quite easily.

Basically just break up the layout of your blog into different sections. Shoot a video yourself or use one off YouTube and embed it in your blog. Typically put the video towards the top of your post so the person sees it when he first visits your site.

YouTube will also help your blog to rank. Ever heard of vlogging? It is a really cool way to give people info right?

Tip 2

Play around with the font, italics, bold and colour of your text. A mentor of mine David Wood always does this well. he just throws a little bit of this into the mix, generally not too much and it makes the world of difference to your blog.

Bold Text stands out and Italics can keep the readers’ attention. Also underline your keywords so that people and Google know exactly what your article is about.

Using CAPITAL LETTERS and different colours have the same effects.

Just don’t do it too much and all the way through your post or it looks spammy and annoying. These are also great tips for email marketing.

Here are some more tips about Article Writing Techniques.

Of course, all the well-established and long-standing rules of writing and in-text formatting go totally out the window if you’re showing a text message or email in your book. You should absolutely write and format these in a way that looks real; text messages should read C U l8tr, for example, because that’s the way people write them. Above all, you’ve got to be true to realism when you’re writing — even, and especially, when you’re writing fiction.

My mentors and I believe more in free writing though. Yes, you have to follow guidelines but grammar isn’t so important anymore. If you are a non fiction writer, doctor or lawyer or so reading this, you might be hating on me right now! I am just being myself though and on your blog, you can do that too!

Tip 3

Quote other blog posts to make your post SUPER educational. Google the keyword that you want to rank for and maybe link to 2 or 3 of the top search results.

This means that your reader is getting a complete education. It will also help your blog rank.

People tend to listen to other people’s ideas if you reference them. For example, you might night agree with the last sentence but if I source it from someone else’s work, you will agree more! Both of the last two sentences are true anyway so it doesn’t worry me what you think lol!

Use that tip to get your blog posts ranking to the top of Google like I do though. 

Tip 4

The layout of your blog posts might stay similar.

Mine are typically

Headline (including keyword)

Maybe 100 words of text


Maybe 500 words of text using the tips above and bullet points, paragraphs, numbering etc.

Picture or infographic. click here to learn how to make one of them.

More text then a sign out and maybe a picture of me. Aim for 1200-1500 words if it is a keyword you really want to rank for.

Don’t be afraid to tell people to like, share or comment on your blog.

Tip 5

Be yourself. Like I said above, there is absolutely ZERO point in trying to be someone else. All you will end up doing is reaching everyone and not relating to anyone. Trust me, I have tried it. I come from a farming background in QLD, Australia and probably won’t relate to a hippie surfer type. Yes I love those guys but we are just different. Cheers to you if you can surf though…way cool.

So be yourself in all of your content. In your article writing techniques, videos and static advertisements.

This is the most powerful tip I have put in this blog.

What to do now that you have learned these 5 cool Article Writing Techniques?

article writing techniques in 2016

Get started of course.

If you are like I was 18 months ago, you are desperate to get your business off the ground. You want out of your job or just want to make more money for yourself. You want to make a difference in the community and not just be a nobody anymore.

You want something that you can work on from anywhere. The freedom would be crazy good…

Travel is something I really love and that is why I love blogging and having a business that is primarily online based.

The cool thing for you is that you can skip a lot of the guess work above now.

I have a platform that you can use where you basically just need to use the article writing techniques above and not worry too much about the ranking and seo side of things.

I offer it cheap and with a 14 day trial so if you aren’t happy with it, simply refund it!

Click here for exclusive access to this platform!

I hope you really use it and get in and build something great too.

That’s it from me today and bless and be blessed in 2016.


Colin Burnett

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WARNING! Solo Ads Review. The truth about Solo Ads

My Solo Ads Review

Are you about to buy a Solo Ad?

Stop and read this before you do.

Hey there, my name is Colin Burnett and I am the co creator of this blog and Colin Burnett’s Lifestyle Club.

I help people and businesses out with their marketing and advertising needs (mainly) online. I mostly say mainly because you should never say always but also never say never!

So let’s dig deep into Solo ads review right here. If you are familiar with Internet marketing, there are a few broad categories like Video, paid traffic, social media and blogs for marketing.

Solo ads are similar and a popular way to promote your business.

Let me explain more in this video.

So after watching the video, what are your thoughts?

Let this article explain their thoughts on the pros and cons of Solos.

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of solo ads:

1. Expand the market you reach – get your name/business/brand in front of new people that don’t know who you are. Keep in mind that it’s important to make sure that you’re sending solo ads to a list that reaches your niche. All traffic is not created equal, after all.

2. Undivided attention – when it comes to solo ads you’re in the spotlight. That means your ad will be the only thing that gets put in the mailing. In other words, you’ll have the undivided attention of the readers.

3. Targeted – this is your chance to reach a highly targeted …

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s a downside to solo ads as well:

1. Conversion is low – solo ads tend to produce a good opt-in rate but the conversion rate is often low. To combat this “tire kicker” problem, be sure to work only with people who have proven lists of buyers.

2. Credibility – when you’re mailing to your own list and interacting with them via social media it gives you the opportunity to build your credibility with them. One of the cons of solo ads is the fact that you don’t get the chance to build credibility with these people – it takes more than one mailing to build a relationship that will ultimately lead to credibility.

3. Spam – One of the biggest problems with solo ads is that people think it is junk/spam …

With all that said, it’s probably worth it to at least test solo ads in your market. After all, until you try it, you will never truly know how well it might work.

So there are a few different avenues to take with your business and solo ads are a popular one.

What is my advice with Solo Ads?

I say be very careful and mainly don’t do it. There are way too many better options out there than worrying about solo ads. Yes, they can get you great results, but they can also be a waste of money.

Your leads are just so cold. They have probably never seen you before and then next thing, they are getting an email about some guy off a farm in QLD, Australia and literally just like wtf…

It just isn’t cool and I see a lot of people still blowing a lot of money on their business this way.

So why not get out there and build your business with a blog, social media advertising and things that run automatically and really get you the results you need.

How many times have you seen someone start a business and end up quitting because they run out of cash? I believe solo ads are a major contributor to this sort of thing.

solo ads review

So be very careful with solo ads and also paid traffic.

I hope you got some great value from this solo ads review and leave your comments below!!



5 Steps To Making Your First Million

Is it really that easy?

Did you know that, successful people all follow VERY similar patterns in their lives?

I think it is crazy once I discovered stuff like this. Coming from a farming background, people just don’t think about these things. In saying that though, there are a few ‘different’ people like in every industry making millions….

My dad was just not one of them. He has always struggled with business and it is because he doesn’t follow ‘The rich Man’s way!’. It is fine to want to do stuff on your own. Be a maverick or however you want to think about it. BUT you can’t be one out in everything in life….you will fail.

So after reading this article on,  I decided to share this new information I have learned.

Here is the first point from that article.

1. Surround yourself with people who will stretch your mind.

Since Ryan was a little boy, he has dreamed of owning the Cleveland Indians. Now in his 20s, he realized that in order for him to turn his dream into a reality, he would need to come up with roughly $500 million. For most people, the though of having $500 million liquid to buy a professional sports team is way beyond the range of what is possible. It was for Ryan too — until he started surrounding himself with people who already played at that level.

He explained that, “You can imagine what it will take to accomplish that type of a goal and by having people at that level as your advisors, they can tell you exactly what you need to do. It may be just a subtle shift in one part of your business, but suddenly what you thought was potentially impossible becomes realistic.”

It was that concept of demystifying the impossible that inspired him to host a live event that would bring the people who inspired him together with the goal of helping the next generation of entrepreneurs.

What is your dream that is so big that the thought of accomplishing it seems impossible — and maybe even scares you? Do you think you would be more likely to accomplish it if you had a group of advisors who were already playing at that level? If so, take action on forming relationships with them, and let them guide you the rest of the way.


If you read through the rest of the article, there are some amazing points there.

I really can’t talk that article up enough and hence why I put such a large snippet in here.

What do you think about the 5 steps? Simple right?

Yes simply but the journey may not be easy. Hard work is always required for a start-up business or investment. So I think guys get caught up in the whole idea of just reading an article…

They don’t then go out and implement what they have learned.

The cool thing though…

Successful people are no different to you.

I was once at a marketing event and had the pleasure of meeting a guy called David Wood. He is a multi millionaire owner of a Networking company that he co founded.

Meeting him was a profound moment for me.

When I walked up to him, looked him in the eye, he grabbed my attention with a firm handshake and just stared at me…

He stared and stared…

Then he said “You can have success, you can do this, I am no better than you”

The empowering feeling that he gave was awesome.

It is times like that when you realise than anything really is possible.

So get out there any make something of your life!


Colin Burnett

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The No. 1 Thing that will BOOST your Business in 2016.

Are you in need of a decent income boost for your business in 2016?

Are you sick of jumping from strategy to strategy just frustrated and going nowhere?

I know this feeling all too well. It isn’t long ago that I was there. I mean we all still revisit those places at times too at any growth stage of our business.

Before I get to the solution, I want to tell you a story about a girl I know.

She was really struggling with learning to advertise her business on Facebook. There was just something missing between her getting massive results and just nose diving and quitting her business forever.

It wasn’t until her mentors told her that she needs better professionals working for her, that she boosted along!!

Check out this video to see what I mean.

Boost your Business in 2016 with this one Trick!

Do you understand where I am coming from now?

It truly is amazing. The examples are just everywhere.

Checkout this article which also ties in with what I am saying.

5 Famous Business Leaders on the Power of Mentorship

Here is a snippet…

Richard Branson isn’t afraid of coming across as a little eccentric. And while he considers his parents the most important mentors in his life, he credits his oddball Uncle Jim for teaching him an important lesson: When everyone else thinks your idea is crazy, that may be a sign you’re really onto something. (Uncle Jim’s habit of eating grass was widely mocked in the army, until it earned him a role “advising the elite forces how to live off grass and nuts when food was scarce.”)

So there are times when you really need your mentors and times when you should go with your gut.

For example, I really struggled to rank No. 1 on Google with a blog for a long time. It was months and months before I got there.

The difference?

My mentor told me that I need help to do it. I needed people smarter than me to really get out there and make my blog super amazing.

That is the power of mentorship.

Lastly, a story true to my heart.

If you haven’t seen my story before, I grew up on a farm or ranch in outback Australia. It is a really isolated part of the country and makes me really proud to be Australian.

Anyway, because I grew up on a farm, I have this weird connection with the land.

I know it is used for people to make money off or even to just raise their families.

But most farmers, like my Dad, really care about it. THey have a connection and want to see it preserved and do the best for it.

So when I think of Mentor ship, I think of the native Australian Aboriginal Folk.

Before European settlement, they didn’t have pens and pencils or hadn’t discovered books. Therefore, they used to pass down the majority or information and knowledge through tribal elders.

They still do.

It is crazy how that happens and with all cultures it does as well. They are mentoring the younger generation on how to make stuff happen. What bugs are poisonous, what foods to eat and when climates change.

So it is crazy not to listen to people in the know isn’t it?

Makes you wonder why so many people don’t spend time reading books and watching videos…

filling their heads with knowledge…

Crazy right?

So I hope you have a nice day and catch you next time!


Colin Burnett



BEST Article Writing Software

Do I need Article Writing Software for my blog or website?

Before we talk about Article Writing Software, let me introduce myself!

I’m Colin Burnett from Australia and welcome to my blog.

I have been blogging and creating websites for a while now  as part of marketing my on-line business. Blogs and websites are great tools for that if you are interested in them. You can outsource the things you don’t like doing as well just like any other business.

I like to write and inform you on the latest stuff that I use to get my business to the best it can be. So here let’s get back to article writing software….

Anyone who wants to write better articles for their article marketing campaigns would do well to read articles from other marketers on this subject. The following tips can help you get the most ben from your article marketing efforts.

I personally use article writing software successfully. You see, I actually come from a farm originally…

I feel like a natural writer but not a natural GEEK lol!

When I first started my Internet Marketing career, I didn’t know about a lot of tools out there that you can use to help you when stuck. I guess we have all had writers block right?

Coming from a farm, I wasn’t used to spending hours in front of a computer and calling it ‘work’. Since I have travelled extensively through countries like Germany, Italy, South Africa and my home country of Australia, I have had a major shift in mindset though.

You really only need to go to the major cities to see that the financial industries and other industries are basically on-line today. As a farmer, it can be difficult to grasp the concept because there is so much you can’t physically see.

Article Marketing software is something that I use to help me when I have the occasional fall-backs into the farming mode. When I just want to get a job done and then go outside and do something with my hands. We all have writers block though and it is a great tip to know!

So I have put this video together for you to give you a few tips that I have learned about content marketing …

Do you Need Article Writing Software?

So I am hoping that this video will have answered most questions you have about article writing.

Here are also a few short tips about Article writing (To help you get started)

  • Adding in links to your other articles that are helpful and related can be a huge benefit for your article marketing. The benefit behind adding in link backs is that it will help you in the search rankings and it will get readers to more and more of your articles. For Example, If you are interested in How to Make Money Blogging, you can click here 🙂
  • You might want to write up to 1500 words if your blog is up for grabs. If it is a difficult keyword, improve the blog post heaps to make it up to scratch. Sometimes it just takes this many words to cover the topic too right. You know what I mean? Be genuine. 🙂
  •  Article Marketing Software can be used to get it done for you. You have to be very careful though about what will happen because it might not work that well for you. No one likes duplicate content right? Submit the rewrite to (GREAT tip).
  • Actually writing the articles will involve you getting very busy with writing. You have to be in the right mindset to write though. You have to come across as genuine. I mean who wants to hear about this weird dude talking about stuff unless he is being himself. I am off a farm so as normal as can be hehe!!

The above tips should start you off in the right direction as you attempt to be successful at article marketing. You should try to develop marketing skills to where you are on a level with your rivals. If you are willing to work hard and keep learning, you might beat out that competition.

Types of Content creating Software

When I first started on-line, I was very green and didn’t know much about the industry at all. I had heard about people making money through blogging and websites and so on but I just didn’t really understand the basics.

So I actually got tangled up with the wrong crowd.

Maybe you have had some sort of experience with this as well. These ‘great mentors’ of mine told me that I could basically ‘spam Google’.

Well the truth is that you can’t, well not for long anyway. A long story short, I used to use very poor content that with quick to make and have a way too high percentage of keywords. That would rank my stuff quick and I could make money from advertising etc.

It didn’t work and it was nearly the end of my online career. Fast-forward a few years and I have been involved with a great group of honest people for a while now and I use only top class tools that work for me.

So there really is only piece of article writing software that I recommend.

And that would be article builder.


It really is the only piece of Article Writing software I would use.

It’s main advantage is that it has always new content. This will help you with duplicate content problems problems and so-on. You can use these articles quite a lot without fearing the dreaded Google downgrade. Other search engines will respect the content as well.

As with all good paid SEO tools however, you really need to manage how often you use this stuff. To be honest, I haven’t used this software for a long time now. I mean not for these main blog posts anyway. When using a duplicate content checker, there will always be a percentage though so don’t stress too much. You will learn to know when you are in the wrong. It is common sense.

Last Question: Are you now going to USE some Article Marketing Software?

what article writing software should I use

The BIGGEST problem by far in Internet Marketing is that people don’t put in as much work as what they should. It is just a fact. SO I implore you to actually get off your butt and DO some work. There are tools out there to help you.

I know how excruciatingly painful and boring some blogging tasks can be but if you are making money it is obviously worth it.

So get some good keywords together ( click here for the tool I use) and then use some great Article Writing Software to build your content!

Cheers from COLD Germany!

Colin Burnett

P.S. Do you need a good platform to Blog that is already set up for you?

article writing software

Also find out more info about article writing here.